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Getting farm animals through the winter chill

As people hunker down for another cold New Zealand winter, challenging times also lie ahead for animals exposed to the elements out on farms. AgResearch scientists say a wealth of research is now providing a much greater understanding of how the livestock cope with the wintry weather, and what can be done to help manage them through those icy periods.


Huge savings for economy from humble wasp

AgResearch estimates a humble Irish wasp has saved New Zealand almost half a billion dollars


Wool as a `last line of defence’ for armed forces and emergency services

AgResearch scientists have been putting the heat on wool garments to see what level of fire protection they can provide


Novel microbial seed treatments protect wheat seedlings from insect damage

AgResearch scientists are following promising leads to identify effective environmentally benign microbial seed treatments for use by arable farmers


AgResearch to invest $100 million in new science innovation hubs

AgResearch, New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute, has today announced a major investment programme that is the largest of its kind in New Zealand agricultural science.


AgResearch thanks partners for DuPont Innovation Award

On Friday 13 May the DuPont Innovation Award in the `Performance Materials’ category was presented to AgResearch’s Senior Scientist Chris Pennell and Grasslanz Technology Limited.


Boosting milk production major focus of research

Significantly, increasing milk production is the theme of research being presented by AgResearch scientists at the NZBIO Conference 2011 in Auckland on 21 March 2011, focusing on enabling successful biotechnology.


New era for wool research

AgResearch says the Government’s recent announcement of a $17.25m investment in a wool research consortium means the start of a new era in wool research.


NZWTA acquires Textile Testing Laboratory

The New Zealand Wool Testing Authority Ltd (NZWTA Ltd) has entered into an unconditional agreement to purchase the assets and business associated with the Textile Testing Division of AgResearch.


AgResearch boss eyes dairy

New AgResearch chief executive Tom Richardson plans to meet with dairy industry leaders over the next few months to better understand the industry and what research the CRI can best provide.


New Science

Science discovery already returning millions to New Zealand sheep farming

An enormous international effort to map the sheep genome has already had very valuable spin-offs for New Zealand agriculture 


AgResearch develops unique biopesticide

AgResearch scientists are working on a chemical-free biopesticide that kills the pasture-munching caterpillars


New research shows oral cattle drench most effective

A new study by AgResearch scientists shows oral cattle drenches are far more effective than the equivalent pour-on or injectable products. In a study soon to be published in the international science journal Veterinary Parasitology, AgResearch scientists Chris Miller and Dave Leathwick measured how effective the same drench active (moxidectin) was when given orally, as a pour-on or as an injectable.


A scientific world first at AgResearch

AgResearch scientists have bred the first cow in the world to produce high protein milk that may be hypo-allergenic.


AgResearch at National Agricultural Fieldays 2012

AgResearch’s role in the changing face of farming is the theme for AgResearch’s stand in the Premier Feature area at this year’s National Agricultural Fieldays at Mystery Creek.


Buttercup pest developing resistance to herbicides

Giant buttercup, a damaging European dairy pasture weed that is avoided by cattle due to its acrid taste, is costing New Zealand hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue as dairy farmers battle to control it.

​The attractive yellow-flowered weed is developing resistance to modern herbicides, in part due to farm management practice, according to AgResearch scientists.


AgResearch team finds missing link

AgResearch scientists have made a breakthrough proving a long-held hypothesis that white clover originated as a hybrid of other clover ancestors, followed by a chance doubling of the chromosome number to restore fertility.


Bird-deterrent ryegrass

AgResearch have developed a ryegrass seed using endophytes which acts as a bird deterrent, and has possible applications for airports, golf courses, kiwifruit orchards and vineyards.


Early settlers rapidly transformed lowland forests with fire

New research from Landcare Research indicates that the speed of early forest clearance following human colonisation of the South Island of New Zealand was much faster and more intense than previously thought.


How Snapdragon flowers got their stripes

Scientists at Plant & Food Research say these act as landing lights for bees, or nature’s way of inviting bees to sample the nectar and pollen in a flower gives us beautiful flowers often with intricate colour patterns.


New Value

NZ to benefit from new science links to China

AgResearch intends to form a joint international research centre with China's largest state-owned food company and largest university research department specialising in food science and nutrition.


New international science links to benefit New Zealand

New relationships forged between AgResearch and key overseas science organisations will provide a host of valuable opportunities for New Zealand


Research to set NZ sheep milk apart

New Zealand's sheep milk industry is set to benefit from ground breaking research by AgResearch


Irish wasp more than match for clover root weevil

The Irish wasp is back to battle the clover root weevil this summer, after a slump in numbers.

Like many farmers in the northern North Island, Mike McKie from Opunaki has been benefiting from plentiful clover in recent years, but is now alarmed at the reappearance of the distinctive feeding notches of the adult clover root weevil and the number of larvae in the soil.


Sheep farmers to benefit from parasite advance from AgResearch

AgResearch has launched a revolutionary technology which measures natural immunity to internal parasites in sheep more quickly, accurately and easily than existing tests.


A powerful new online resource assists understanding our natural environments and resources

With the launch of the Land Resource Information System (LRIS) Portal, individuals working in regional and central government, industry, research and education now have quick and easy access to environment data held by Landcare Research.


Spray chilling minimises venison weight loss

Spray chilling deer carcasses minimises weight loss without reducing the tenderness of venison, according to a recently released AgResearch study funded by DEEResearch and the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology (FRST).


Genetic tools boost breeding

A raft of new genetic technologies developed by AgResearch in consultation with Deer Industry NZ, will soon be put to use to boost breeding in the New Zealand deer industry.


AgResearch scientist Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr Rex Munday of AgResearch has won this year’s Kudos Award for Lifetime Achievement, which was sponsored by the University of Waikato.


Nitrogen Modelling Wins Scientist Kudos

Agricultural scientist Dr Stewart Ledgard of AgResearch took out the Agricultural Science Award at the Kudos Awards this month for his research and development of the Overseer model.


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