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New Thinking

Deeper look into animal health targets

Sheep and cattle health are in view at AgResearch as it launches a venture called ParaCo Technologies Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary.


Pushing the boundaries

It may look like a typical Waikato dairy unit. But at the AgResearch farm at Tokanui, 35 kilometres south of Hamilton, they will do much more than milk cows.


Research farm aims to lower carbon emissions

AgResearch hopes to show dairy farmers how to reduce carbon emissions on their farms by experimenting with farm inputs on its new $6.5 million dairy research farm at Tokanui.


Farming below the soil

AgResearch scientists are looking to add soil bioengineering to the list of technologies that are used by pastoral farmers.


Grave time for sheep industry

Sheep farmers seem to have lost some of their nerve and enthusiasm in the wake of two years of low returns, AgResearch chief executive Andrew West says.


US researchers to help rumen research

AgResearch scientists trying to find ways of reducing livestock emissions of major greenhouse gases, are to be given a helping hand by American researchers.


The Ahuwhenua Trophy

AgResearch is proud to be Gold Sponsor of the Maori Excellence in Farming Awards 2009.


AgResearch developing the dairy farm of the future

AgResearch’s new dairy research and development farm provides a vital facility to trial leading-edge technology and novel farming practices to help the dairy industry meet today’s challenges, and grow the sector.


R&D critical to farmer’s success

New Zealand dairying can be profitable and environmentally attractive to world’s consumers, says AgResearch.


Crucial role for AgResearch in world first animal welfare centre

The ability of AgResearch to scientifically measure and help improve animal welfare on farms is why it will be a major player in a new international centre focusing on the welfare of animals.


New Science

Software accesses farms' greenhouse gas emissions

Software that enables farmers to estimate their on-farm emissions of greenhouse gases and assists their business in balancing profit and environmental impact was among the technology showcased by AgResearch during National Fieldays.


Automation technology set to boost productivity in meat processing


Release of bovine genome

AgResearch scientists have played a key role in genetic research that will transform the future selection and breeding of cattle worldwide.


Future-proofing New Zealand’s dairy cows

AgResearch scientists have unlocked the first keys on how to improve New Zealand’s dairy cows’ milk production.


'Evil weevil’ update

Since releasing a tiny Irish wasp in an attempt to control clover root weevil, who is winning: the clover or the weevil?


Cutting edge tool advances sheep genomics

An international team of scientists has today released a new genomic tool which is set to transform the future selection and breeding of sheep around the world.


First hurdle overcome in finding treatment for ryegrass staggers

Two AgResearch scientists’ groundbreaking research into ryegrass staggers is featuring in the December issue of The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.


Gorse a potential water pollutant

It's been a thorn in the side of landowners for many years, but now new research from Scion has uncovered another reason to view gorse as a problem weed.


Scientists try new Tb-control ideas

Landcare Research scientists will trial new pest-control methods in Marlborough this spring which may pave the way for a dramatic reduction in 1080-poison use in New Zealand.


Researchers find sustainable varroa solution

New Zealand scientists searching for sustainable, chemical free ways to combat the varroa bee mite say a naturally occurring fungus may be the best solution yet to protecting bees from the destructive pest.


New Value

Organic certification a rarity in New Zealand

The organic certification of AgResearch's Textile Processing Plant has opened the door to the rapidly expanding and highly competitive world of commercial certified organic products.


Dynamic prospect from new fund

Smart, sustainable and high value products for global markets will come from boosting the discovery engine in the pastoral and food sectors, says AgResearch’s


NZ dairy farms losing advantage over EU


Bio-control roll-out gathers steam

Following excellent results from experimental releases at selected sites around the North Island, AgResearch entomologists are busy rearing thousands of parasitised Clover Root weevils for large scale distribution to farmers, thanks to support from DairyNZ and Meat & Wool New Zealand.


Win-win as odour control enables biogas capture


New business generated through trans-Tasman scientific collaboration

New Zealand and Australian scientists are delighted with the amount of business likely to be generated out of the AUSGRAINZ collaboration between CSIRO Plant Industry and Crop & Food Research.


Improved pest controls

Crop & Food Research is assisting a group of Canterbury farmers encourage uptake of improved methods for controlling crop pests. The project has financial support from MAF's Sustainable Farming Fund.


Beetles released to control thistles

Landcare Research scientists have released an American beetle as a bio-control for Californian thistles, a major agricultural pest.


2008 declared International Year of the Potato by UN

As the United Nations declares 2008 the International Year of the Potato, Crop & Food Research scientists are striving to breed healthier and longer lasting potatoes for world consumption.


Organic food industry revived on East Coast, North Island

Crop & Food Research scientists are helping organic growers to expand their businesses and to build on strong cropping traditions.


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