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Bee sweet tooth used to help agriculture

Feeding sugar to bees encourages them to collect pollen, rather than nectar, increasing the level of crop pollination vital for agricultural success.


Smarter bee management needed

Smarter management of beehives may be one way for New Zealand agriculture to counter a downturn in bee populations.


AgResearch takes the sheep revolution to South Island Fieldays

AgResearch will once again this year join forces with other industry leaders and agricultural providers at the South Island Field Days, which will be held from 25 to 27 March in Lincoln.


Clover Root Weevil spreads further South

An AgResearch entomologist based at the Institute’s Invermay Campus reports that the pasture pest known as clover root weevil has spread into Otago.


Right royal fellow

Vet Bryce Buddle has been made a Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, recognising his contributions to science.


The wool sector in 2020

A component of AgResearch’s 2020 Science strategy is to assist with the creation of a viable future New Zealand wool industry. The target is to assist the industry double its value by 2020.


Bumble bees bathed for science

AgResearch scientists at Palmerston North's Grasslands Campus are taking animal cleanliness to new heights by bathing their bumble bees. Watch video. (Note: preceded by short advertisement).


Kudos for science educator

Award-Winning science educator Elizabeth Carpenter of AgResearch says sharing science with the community is ‘a real buzz’.


New tool for better farming

Farmers have welcomed a new computer programme from Crop & Food Research. The LMI predicts the consequences of management decisions on soil quality and future productivity.


Knitting together formula for sheep farmers' prosperity

AgResearch reckons its easy-care sheep will save farmers money.


New Science

Paying the organic price

A world-first 10-year trial by agricultural science institute AgResearch shows hill-country sheep and beef farmers can make the change to organics without harming animal health.


Kiwi scientists make methane breakthrough

New Zealand scientists have made a breakthrough in methane research which could reduce the amount of gas farm animals produce.


Collaboration key to success for NZ sheep genome researchers

Meat & Wool New Zealand, AgResearch and Ovita today announced that an important phase of an international project to map the sheep genome has taken a big step forward.


Discovering what animals really, really want

In a world first, AgResearch animal welfare scientists have developed a technique that enables them to not only learn what an animal wants, but also what an animal feels.


All sheep-shape as researchers tag DNA

Townies still won't know the difference but AgResearch scientists have found a way to map the genetic code of the average sheep.


AgResearch scientists internationally recognised

A team of AgResearch scientists has been recognised by world renowned magazine ‘Science’ for challenging the centuries’ old model of how fungi grow in grasses.


Science reveals 'Hydrophobic' soils

HortResearch scientists have uncovered the secret behind what farmers call "Dry Patch Syndrome" - soils that just don't like water.


New sulphur test more accurate and simple

A new sulphur soil test developed by AgResearch gives farmers a highly accurate picture of how much sulphur fertiliser their soil needs and makes scientific analysis easier.


Scientists get in touch with cows' emotions

AgResearch scientists have devised a method to find out what a cow needs and wants by making them work for food and shelter.


Weevil bio-control gains toe-hold in top of South Island

The parasitoid bio-control for the clover root weevil has rapidly gained a toe-hold in Nelson says AgResearch clover root weevil programme leader for the South Island Dr Craig Phillips.


New Value

A versatile tool for better potato management

A potato calculator that matches nitrogen fertiliser to crop demand and reduces leaching has been developed with funding from Horticulture NZ Potato Product Group and Ballance Agri Nutrients.


Local release of boneseed predator

The boneseed leafroller caterpillar has been released at Diamond Harbour on Banks Peninsular by staff from Landcare Research, to help control the pest plant boneseed.


Irish wasp hammers Hawke's Bay weevils

Delegates to the 60th Annual Conference of the New Zealand Plant Protection Society Conference in Napier were told of the ‘astounding’ success of an introduced biocontrol for the Clover Root Weevil.


Farmers set to benefit from ewe efficiency project

AgResearch Senior Scientist Dr Robyn Dynes says flock efficiency is critical to the bottom line of sheep farmers and this is why they will benefit from attending upcoming FlockMaster™ workshops.


Strong growth continues for horticulture exports

The strong dollar and debate over food miles have failed to dent international enthusiasm for New Zealand produce, with latest figures showing export earnings from horticulture now exceed $2.3 billion.


Blitzing Grass Grub

Pasture production on parts of a Landcorp Farming Ltd farm in the central North Island has almost doubled thanks to a biocontrol that is blitzing grass grub populations.


Native pollinators avoid varroa

Crop & Food Research and the Foundation for Arable Research are optimistic further study about native pollinators will give growers vital clues about increasing their populations of these valuable insects. Unlike honey bees, native bees and flies are not susceptible to varroa.


Lifting lamb survival rates

A massive study carried out by AgResearch Invermay has scientists confident they can help sheep farmers increase lamb survival rates.


New Zealand takes bite of superfruit market

New research into health and nutrition is helping move fruit up the value chain.


Wildlife researcher honoured for career in combatting pests

Landcare Research scientist John Parkes has been honoured for his work in advancing knowledge on managing introduced pest animals such as feral pigs and goats, Himalayan thar, deer, hares, rabbits and rodents. His work has created notable benefits both within New Zealand and overseas.


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