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Animal agriculture's future - value or volume?

Trans-Tasman partners, New Zealand’s AgResearch and Australia’s CSIRO Livestock Industries (CLI) are holding a major industry and scientific conference later this year to examine the commercial future for high value food and fibre products from the farm.


TransTasman scientists study livestock methane

AgResearch and Australian scientists will jointly investigate ways of reducing the impact of livestock methane emissions by finding out more about the digestive processes in the rumen of livestock.


Selenium-enriched milk straight from the cow

AgResearch scientists have found ways to significantly boost the selenium content of meat and milk on-farm - directly improving foods and ingredients without the need for additives.


New centres to feed appetite for value-added food

AgResearch is hoping to collaboratively establish three national food research centres that will accelerate the development and commercialisation of high-value food technologies and products.


AgResearch tests waters on gene study

The public will get a say on AgResearch's plans to expand its Hamilton-based genetically engineered cow research across the country, in a move it describes as "testing the waters" on GE.


AgResearch to estimate sheep meat carbon footprint

AgResearch has, in collaboration with industry partners, won a MAF tender to develop a model, based on Life Cycle Assessment methodology, to estimate the total greenhouse gases (GHG) or carbon footprint of New Zealand produced sheep meat consumed in the United Kingdom.


Splendour in the grass?

What do you find if you go down to the woods today? A lot more than we ever thought say biodiversity experts from Ensis. New Zealand’s 1.8 million ha of exotic plantation forests are a surprise refuge for many native plants and animals – including rare and endangered ones.


Integration and collaboration the key to the future for the red meat industry

Meat processors, marketers and exporters met with AgResearch scientists recently at a two day workshop focusing on market assurance and research and development initiatives in the red meat industry.


New appointment brings wealth of post-farm gate dairy expertise

AgResearch has appointed former Chief Scientist with Tatua Dairy Co-operative Dr Rex Humphrey to the position of Senior Scientist in its Dairy Science and Technology Section.


Marsden funds benefit primary sector, human health

Two AgResearch researchers who were last week awarded prestigious Marsden Fund grants will use animal models for research that could lead to important insights into human and animal growth and development and potential new treatments for cancer and heart disease.


New Science

NZ world leader in pastoral greenhouse gas research

CRIs AgResearch and NIWA are members of the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium which is producing world-leading research on greenhouse gases.


AgResearch scientists scoop new awards

The New Zealand Institute of Agricultural and Horticultural Science introduced two new awards this year and it was announced that AgResearch scientists won both on 4 September.



New tastes may expand meat market


Genome mapping accelerates value delivery

With the completion of the


Cleaning up New Zealand’s drinking groundwater

Groundwater provides more than 40 per cent of New Zealand's drinking water. That makes clean groundwater a major issue for almost two million Kiwis. A team including four Crown Research Institutes is investigating two areas of groundwater contamination – nitrates and viruses.


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