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New Thinking

Is that a plastic wrapper in your snapper?

Scion and fish make an odd combination, but biopolymer scientist Jamie Bridson was part of a team that looked at plastic microparticle ingestion by commercial fish species across the South Pacific.


In search of fish food on the Chatham Rise

NIWA's research vessel Tangaroa will set sail for the Chatham Rise tonight to improve our understanding of how marine ecosystems affect commercially exploited fish, and how commercial fisheries affect the marine food-web. The Chatham Rise, a large plateau between the South Island and Chatham Islands, is our most productive fishing ground.


NIWA welcomes aquaculture reform

NIWA's Chief Executive John Morgan, has welcomed plans for the aquaculture industry regulatory reform announced by Phil Heatley, the Minister for Fisheries and Aquaculture.


NIWA fisheries expert honoured

NIWA fisheries scientist Dr Malcolm Francis has been awarded the prestigious New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Award for his “continued outstanding contribution to marine science in New Zealand.”


Aquaculture industry enters new era

The New Zealand Government sees the development of the aquaculture industry as one of the most important economic sectors for future growth. Leading research are Crown Research Institutes NIWA and Crop & Food Research.


New Science

Robot spies make new science discoveries in Fiordland’s World Heritage Park

NIWA and Environment Southland have recently returned with stunning new footage of undersea sills in Dusky and Doubtful Sounds, brimming with sea life, corals and sponges.


Tarakihi tagged: where will they go?

West Coast tarakihi may start their life in Tasman and Golden Bays. Scientists on-board NIWA’s coastal research vessel Kaharoa are trying to find out for sure.


Groping for a new sea harvest

As jobs go, they don't get much better than this. NIWA marine scientist Phil Heath gets paid to go fishing for monster groper.


Seafood sector attracts R&D dollars

Crop & Food Research has attracted over $13 million in new funding for its well regarded and innovative seafood research programmes.


Breakthrough in kingfish aquaculture

Sustained increased value from New Zealand's finfish is possible, now that NIWA has developed a means to complete the entire life-cycle of Kingfish in captivity and to fully control breeding.


Government backs wildfish initiative

The “Wildfish 2020” project proposed by Crop & Food Research and industry partners, including New Zealand’s major fishing companies, is expected to deliver $NZ149 million a year in increased export revenue by 2020.


A serving of fish fingerlings, please

More than 120,000 off-spring to date and more to come from just 12 adult snapper. The country’s commercial and recreational fishers are smiling as Crown Research Institute Crop & Food Research creates the means to breed snapper in captivity.


New Value

Revolutionary new sustainable fishing technology

Imagine if every fish landed on a trawler was alive, in perfect condition and small fish, sharks and other species could be safely released underwater before a catch was lifted on-board.


New facility aims to unlock potential

Plant & Food Research opens new Bioprocessing Laboratory in Nelson. The new facility aims to unlock potential value from marine byproducts.


New option for aquaculture


New measurement standards keeping shellfish safe

IRL's Measurement Standards Laboratory has developed a new metrology-based test to facilitate worldwide acceptance of a far more efficient, accurate and sensitive method of detecting toxins in shellfish.


Applying brains to mussels

Automated mussel opening was not an easy project to crack, but Industrial Research's DeviceWorks


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