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New Thinking

New Zealand reaches climate change milestone

NIWA atmospheric researchers run a Clean Air Monitoring Station at Baring Head and have been closely watching the carbon dioxide readings as they edged towards a significant threshold


NIWA expands urban air quality team

The group carries out research into the processes controlling air pollution in urban environments and investigates methods of managing or mitigating its effects.


New Science

Antarctic ozone hole: smallest in five years

Analysis from NIWA's ozone research shows that the Antarctic ozone hole is smaller this year than any of the previous five years.


Scientists simulate climate of the future

A unique AgResearch experiment that simulates how climate change will affect farming in 25 years time is now the longest running trial of its kind in the world.


NZ world leader in pastoral greenhouse gas research

CRIs AgResearch and NIWA are members of the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium which is producing world-leading research on greenhouse gases.


New Value

Scion imports atmospheric modelling skills

An atmospheric modelling specialist from the United States brings exciting new capability to forest protection research at Scion.


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