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New Thinking

Potential tool for possum population control

AgResearch scientists have found two enteroviruses in wild possums that could be used to carry vaccines for possum biocontrols such as contraception.


New glasshouses to fight invasive species

The establishment of state-of-the-art glasshouses at AgResearch's Ruakura campus will help combat invasive species that threaten New Zealand's pastorally-based economy.


Expat plants could threaten biosecurity


NZ prepares for faster action against global disease

Pandemic? Biosecurity? Bioterrorism? Potential threats all. Since 9/11 and SARS the world has taken big steps in proactive surveillance. But like all nations, perhaps the biggest challenge NZ faces is to bring the barrage of facts together, into a single – relevant - information source. Crown Research Institute ESR reckons it’s cracked the problem.


New Science

Possum field trials a success

A new threat to possums is on the horizon, with the successful release of genetically marked parasites in a field trial at Kahurangi National Park at the top of the South Island.


OECD supports science exchange


Improving border biosecurity

AgResearch scientists are studying tussock in an effort to improve border biosecurity.


New Value

Scientists breed varroa 'resistant' bees

A sustainable and cost-effective tool to control the varroa mite may soon be available to New Zealand beekeepers thanks to the efforts of scientists at the Crown Research Institute, HortResearch.


Local release of boneseed predator

The boneseed leafroller caterpillar has been released at Diamond Harbour on Banks Peninsular by staff from Landcare Research, to help control the pest plant boneseed.


Queen bees bred to withstand varroa mite

A bee colony is being established by HortResearch on an offshore island to breed queen bees tolerant to the bee-killing varroa mite for New Zealand's honey producers.


Weevil biocontrol working well in North Island

AgResearch says that latest results show that a tiny Irish wasp released early last year is hitting adult clover root weevils hard in the North Island.


New disinfestation technology goes international

An environment-friendly disinfestation system developed by New Zealand's Crop & Food Research and BOC will be taken up worldwide by Dole, the world's largest producer and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables.


Finding environmentally friendly disinfestation

The cure must not be worse than the illness: a good principle for biosecurity and the reason behind a new disinfestation facility at Crop & Food Research to develop environmentally safe ways of treating horticultural and forest produce for export and imported goods


Weevil biocontrol expanding

Buoyed by the successful establishment and persistence of the biocontrol agent for clover root weevil at experimental release sites, the AgResearch Biocontrol & Biosecurity team plans to roll it out into other regions.


On the scent of the clover root weevil

AgResearch's Lincoln-based scientists are hot on the scent of odours that will attract and ultimately trap the clover root weevil - a major clover pasture pest.


Varroa: hard choices

Eradicate or manage? Government takes science advice and makes decision. What are the issues, costs and implications?


Biosecurity tools to protect horticulture


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