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New Thinking

Global financial crisis means tough times for biotechnology sector

AgResearch and Australia’s CSIRO Livestock Industries Division have predicted the global financial crisis could significantly reduce investment in biotechnology and agricultural science.


Scientists comment on new genomic research infrastructure

Several of the country's universities and Crown Research Institutes are pooling their resources in a collaborative national infrastructure designed to accelerate New Zealand's genomic research and technology.


AgResearch dispels GM myths

AgResearch wants to dispel the many misconceptions about its applications to continue and expand its transgenic livestock programme and is seeking support from the community.


NZ perspective gains audience at BIO2008

Kiwi panel asks how biotech will help NZ translate sustainability from buzzword to business.


AgResearch scoops top biotech award four years running

An AgResearch scientist has won the prestigious NZBio Emerging Biotechnologist of the Year award - the fourth year in a row the company has taken home the title.


Transport fuels from New Zealand biomass a reality

Biofuels generated from New Zealand-grown softwood feedstocks present a feasible, sustainable and environmentally beneficial energy option, say the authors of a report by the New Zealand Lignocellulosic Bioethanol Initiative.


AgResearch scores hat-trick in biotechnology awards

Dr Mike North, Senior Food Engineer in AgResearch’s Food Metabolism & Microbiology Section, was awarded the coveted title last night (Monday 12 March, 2007) at the NZBio Conference Awards dinner.


Maori student completes Masters degree in science

The former Head Girl of Rotorua Girls' High School Erina Hingston recently graduated from University of Waikato with a Masters degree with first class honours in molecular biology.She completed her thesis while based at the Rotorua Crown Research Institute, Scion.


HortResearch backs strong future for biotech

"It is an exciting time to be part of New Zealand science," says outgoing Chairman.


Possum in a pickle

A recent trip to the UK to present breakthrough research in possum biocontrol led to an unlikely meeting for AgResearch scientist Dr Gail Shuttleworth.


New Science

Potato Genome Sequence released

The Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium (PGSC), an international team of scientists including New Zealand’s Plant & Food Research, has announced that it has released the first draft sequence of the potato genome.


Unique organisms found

Methane-consuming micro-organisms and other biological treasure have been found in Taupo's geothermal system by GNS Science.


Singing Scientist: The Epigenome Song

There’s been a Singing Nun and a range of singing talented housewives and cell phone retailers but AgResearch has discovered it has a talented young Singing Scientist. Matthew Barnett, an Auckland based Senior Research Scientist has written and recorded a music video about his research - Nutritional Epigenetics - which is about how food and genes inter-relate. Play YouTube video.


Release of bovine genome

AgResearch scientists have played a key role in genetic research that will transform the future selection and breeding of cattle worldwide.


From Waste to Gold

Crown Research Institute Scion is aiming to help Rotorua District Council save their taxpayers $650,000 a year by turning the city's sewage sludge into useful chemicals.


New Omega-3 sources could provide huge advantages

IRL is ramping up its already world-class fermentation technology and combining it with supercritical extraction as part of a long term project to develop new, high-value lipid products.


New Zealand triumphs in International Bioplastics Awards

A New Zealand-developed product has won the Best Innovation in Bioplastics category at the International Bioplastics Awards.


Scientists' work threatened by anti-GE campaigners

AgResearch wants approval to carry on its transgenic research and go even further by adding genes to eleven other species. The idea is to produce proteins in their milk that could treat human illness. Watch news report video.


Coloured kiwifruit just the start

Kiwifruit lovers will be like kids in a chinese gooseberry store as DNA research is released for breeding fruit with new colours, flavours and health properties.


Doom for Algal Bloom?

An innovative solution to a billion-dollar problem has been successfully trialled by Scion. A modified form of zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral, looks set to be a new tool in the campaign to mitigate the effects of nutrient run-off in New Zealand's lakes and waterways.


New Value

Distinctive New Zealand flavours

Creating flavours from New Zealand native plants is the aim of a new, $1 million, Crop & Food Research programme that will see distinctive New Zealand food products developed for niche, high-value, export markets.


Collaboration builds total drug development pathway

Industrial Research is heralding the opening by the Prime Minister of


Portable extraction plant helps fast-track business

Designed by engineers at Industrial Research, a new portable supercritical extraction plant will give New Zealand industry much faster access to the market than before.


New Zealand takes bite of superfruit market

New research into health and nutrition is helping move fruit up the value chain.


China and NZ to collaborate on plant biotechnologies

Scientific collaborations between China and New Zealand have strengthened with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NZ Crown Research Institute Crop & Food Research (C&FR) and Huazhong Agricultural University (HAU), based in Wuhan in central China.


How sweet is your onion?

An onion that’s sweet to eat – and with long life storage? These two ‘killer applications’ are the prospect unleashed by Crop & Food Research, a Crown Research Institute


NZ horticulture quietly takes export spotlight

Apart from flagships Kiwifruit and wine, NZ horticulture exports are seldom high profile. But look closer: in the year to March 2006 horticulture exports quietly hit $2.3 billion. That’s 7% of all NZ exports and a huge $100 million gain on the previous year. Strong growth owes much to ground-breaking new products, where HortResearch takes a driving role.


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