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New Thinking

New fruits needed to fight snack food threat

HortResearch believes new fruit varieties will play a key role in ensuring fruit remains a key part of a health, balanced diet.


New pipfruit varieties set to excite Europe

HortResearch and industry join forces to take New Zealand innovation to the European apple and pear market.


Biotechnology for beginners

2006 Teacher Fellow Barbara Ryan has just completed her book 'Biotechnology for Beginners', the result of a year working with the Biotechnology Learning Hub and in association with AgResearch, Crop and Food, and HortResearch


New glasshouses to fight invasive species

The establishment of state-of-the-art glasshouses at AgResearch's Ruakura campus will help combat invasive species that threaten New Zealand's pastorally-based economy.


A winning year for Industrial Research and Australasia’s biotechnology industry

It's official - the Aussies have said they couldn't have done it without us....


New Science

Platypus genome mapping a boon for researchers

In decoding the genome of the platypus, a team of researchers from the United States, Australia, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, Spain and New Zealand has revealed important information that will enhance our understanding of other mammals.


No more tears in the kitchen?

International attention is focusing on “tearless onion” research being conducted by senior Crop & Food Research scientist Dr Colin Eady.


A bug that kills bugs

AgResearch scientists have discovered a new strain of bacterium that they say will be an important step forward in the biological control of insect pests.


Novel bioactive coatings show promise as anti-foulants



Scientific breakthrough in biological control of insects

AgResearch has announced a groundbreaking discovery that is an important step forward in the control of insect pests.


‘Vegetable caterpillar’ key to new markets

Scientists at Industrial Research are predicting that a humble fungus found on our forest floors could soon be the source of a new and high-value ingredient in some of New Zealand’s biggest selling nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products...


Weed enemy makes national debut

A South African moth that just loves boneseed, an invasive pest plant, has been selected by Landcare Research to act as a biocontrol agent. Waiheke Island is the first battlefield in the national campaign.


IRL scientists make malaria advance

New Zealand researchers are working on a novel weapon to combat malaria parasites that kill about two million people a year, mostly in the tropics.


Science helps natural skincare company surge ahead

Natural skincare and cosmetic company, Living Nature, is well along the path to its ultimate goal of being seen as the world authority on natural skincare and beauty - with a helping hand along the way from scientists at Industrial Research.


New drugs for bone healing one step closer


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