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Iceberg on its way to our shores

A massive iceberg spotted southwest of New Zealand could be moving closer, says NIWA.


Sea finds get scientists delving deep for names

A ‘Rasta’, a ‘Wee Scots’, and a ‘Squat Lobster’: three new and unusual discoveries revealed by a NIWA deep-sea survey of marine biodiversity on the Chatham Rise.


Joint NIWA/GNS Science team to study Tsunami impacts

A team of New Zealand scientists and engineers will travel to Samoa this weekend to gather information on the impact of the September 30 tsunami on coastal communities and infrastructure.


Dead whale to be sunk for science

A 40-tonne sperm whale which died in Golden Bay will be towed to deeper east coast waters and sunk in the interests of science.


A millenium of change

Ever wondered what life was like in the seas around New Zealand 1000 years ago? NIWA is leading a project to find out.


100,000 NZ creatures unknown or unclassified

More than 100,000 New Zealand animal species remain undiscovered or unclassified, but NIWA principal biodiversity scientist Dennis Gordon said finding and identifying them was painfully slow.


NZ 'dragging chain' on protecting coastline

New Zealand is falling behind international responses to the effects of climate change on coastal habitats, a NIWA scientist has warned.


Science assists customary coastal management

NIWA is hosting a workshop to highlght how science can help with the customary management of the coastal environment.


International scientists probe seafloor methane deposits

A multi-national team sets sail to investigate methane deposits beneath New Zealand's seafloor.


MFish and NIWA announce joint fisheries science scholarship

The Ministry of Fisheries and NIWA have established a joint graduate scholarship programme in quantitative fisheries science. NIWA will provide supervision and mentoring to the successful scholarship candidates.


New Science

Ocean dwellers miss the census

New Zealand seas are teeming with unidentified creatures which may have properties ranging from combating pollution to fighting cancer, say NIWA scientists involved in a project to catalogue marine life.


Rare seafloor chimney cut up for science

GNS Scientists have sliced up a rare 2.5m-tall seafloor chimney to find out its age and the concentrations of the metallic minerals it contains. It is thought to be one of the largest chimneys recovered from the seafloor.


Creatures from the deep

New Zealand could have up to 50,000 marine species waiting to be discovered, say scientists who have spent 10 years exploring the marine life in our waters.


Carnivorous NZ sponge among top 10 new species

A New Zealand sponge has been selected for the prestigious international Top 10 species of the year. Each year, an international Top 10 New Species selection committee selects the 10 most notable new species described from around the world.


Survey reveals diversity of plant and fish species

A survey of the Bay of Islands' marine life and supporting ecosystems is nearing completion, and reveals diversity Of plant And fish species In The Bay Of Islands.


Like waves in a bathtub – the Chile tsunami

The results from 19 sea-level gauges around New Zealand reveal that six locations had peak wave heights of over one metre generated by a magnitude 8.8 earthquake off Chile on 27 February.


NIWA's 'show-off piece' may be new species

A small sea creature, found in the murky, mysterious depths of the Kermadec Ridge, is causing a stir among scientists.


Deepest-dwelling fish in Southern Hemisphere photographed

NIWA scientists have photographed the deepest fish in the Southern Hemisphere - over 7km down.


Spectacular oceanic bloom identified

NIWA scientists have identified the source of the giant plankton bloom featuring in spectacular NASA satellite images.


Ancient creatures re-discovered thriving in southern New Zealand

Some of the world’s most ancient and fascinating animals have been re-discovered in southern New Zealand. Prospects for their survival look good – provided groundwaters and wetlands are protected.


New Value

Even the paint is from New Zealand

When the NIWA research vessel Tangaroa goes to a Singaporean shipyard in July, it will carry all its own hull paint from New Zealand.


Rare honour for Antarctic researcher

IRL senior scientist Dr Tim Haskell has joined an elite group of Antarctic explorers and scientists by having a geographic feature in the region named after him.


Study models likely destruction from tsunami

A tsunami triggered by a massive South American earthquake would swamp Auckland motorways, coastal roads and low-lying bays, a new study has found. Click here to see map of possibly affected areas.


NIWA reveals seabed treasures

For the first time Cook Strait seafloor is revealed in high definition. NIWA underwater imagery shows the vast and complex features of one of the world's most energetic stretches of water.


Bigger, better Bluff oysters…bon appétit!

According to the latest NIWA survey of the Foveaux Strait oyster beds, bigger, better, Bluff oysters look set to be on the menu when the 2009 oyster season opens on Sunday.


New Te Papa attraction offers stunning deep-sea ride

Exploring New Zealand's deep sea territory has become accessible to everyone with Te Papa opening a new attraction that takes visitors on a virtual ride to the bottom of the sea to hunt for submarine volcanoes.


Know your beach with Coastal Explorer

Coastal Explorer is a


Exploring NZ's Undersea Treasures

Modern-day explorers use high-tech equipment to explore earth's last great frontier - the ocean floor. Join GNS Science's Cornel de Ronde in this fascinating Australian TV documentary as he explains the discovery of huge submarine volcanoes, weird marine creatures, and large mineral deposits on New Zealand's seafloor.


What lies beneath Wellington Harbour?

NIWA is about to undertake detailed mapping of the Wellington Harbour seafloor, in a joint venture with DoC and the Greater Wellington Regional Council.


Ocean robots to hit target thanks to New Zealand

An Argo deployment from the NIWA research vessel Kaharoa is almost certain to mark a feat of worldwide scientific importance.


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