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Bay of Islands ocean survey enters next phase

Inshore and onshore biodiversity sampling activity is about to commence as NIWA's Bay of Islands Ocean Survey 20/20 project enters its next phase.


GNS scientists capture video of erupting undersea volcano

Two New Zealand scientists, who have just returned from witnessing an erupting undersea volcano near the Island of Guam in the Mariana Arc, say the volcano is supporting a thriving community of marine life in spite of the eruptions.


Species found in fragile reefs

Scientists believe they have found new species after two weeks surveying Fiordland’s underwater ‘china shops’.


Baby snapper all grew up in one big nursery

NIWA scientists have discovered that nearly all snapper on the west coast of the North Island come from nurseries in just one harbour. To play Radio NZ programme from 5 March 2009 click here.


Spa-like seawater conditions 50 million years ago

If you lived in New Zealand 50 million years ago, you would have been able to enjoy a hot swim in the sea all year round, scientists have found.


Coral beauties of the deep down under

Most of us have heard of tropical corals – but did you know more than two thirds of all known coral species come from deep, cold-water oceans?


More deepsea secrets revealed

NIWA scientists have completed another successful voyage to the west coast of the South Island to study the enormous underwater canyon system in the area.


Great whites go to the depths

A great white shark tagged off Stewart Island has set a world diving record as it crossed the Tasman Sea to the Great Barrier Reef.


Antarctic visit to study sea ice

Scientists from NIWA and Otago University flew to New Zealand’s Scott Base, on the first post-winter Antarctica New Zealand flight, to study the growth and thickness of winter coastal sea ice in McMurdo Sound.


New measures for shellfish health

Measuring the health of shellfish just became a lot quicker and more sensitive, thanks to some new technology at NIWA.


New Value

Kiwi scientists change world thermometer standards

Industrial Research scientists have been instrumental in changing the world-wide standard practice for the precise calibration of thermometers.



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