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NZ marine sediments free of botulism bacteria

Consumers of seafood harvested from New Zealand harbours and estuaries can be assured that it will not cause botulism following a study by Crop & Food Research scientists.


Antarctic voyage yields science treasures

NIWA’s research vessel Tangaroa has completed the most comprehensive survey of marine life in the Ross Sea region ever undertaken working around the clock in the 24-hour days of the Antarctic summer.


New methane-digesting bacteria discovered

A new type of methanotrophs - bacteria which digest methane - has been discovered by NIWA scientists lurking near methane plumes off the Wairarapa coast.


Experiment to put surf lifeguard in Raglan rips

Scientists from NIWA are undertaking a unique experiment with Surf Life Saving New Zealand to investigate the behaviour of rips.


NZ Great White shark sets new distance record

A 4.4 metre female great white shark has set a new distance record for a New Zealand shark by swimming over 3000km to the tropical waters of the southern Great Barrier Reef, Australia.


NZ scientists to lead submarine investigation in the Mediterranean

GNS Science scientists are to join American Italian colleagues for the first-ever systematic investigation of submarine hydrothermal activity in the Mediterranean Sea.


Anenome discovered in bioblitz could be a new species

A tiny, many-tentacled anemone discovered by NIWA scientist Malcolm Francis the Marine Bioblitz at Island Bay may be a previously undiscovered species.


Harbour seabed to be mapped

In a joint venture between NIWA, Victoria University and the Conservation Department, a mission to map Wellington Harbour's seabed is about to start.


Robotic Vehicles To Explore Offshore Volcano

In a project led by GNS Science, unmanned vehicles will fly into the crater of an offshore volcano to map it and search for possible mineral deposits.


Ocean robots set course

NIWA’s research vessel Kaharoa, will spend the next month deploying high tech ocean-profiling floats in the mid-Pacific. The 28–30 day journey will take the crew of five in a loop from Wellington up towards French Polynesia then back to Auckland without making landfall.


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