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Ocean robots set course

NIWA’s research vessel Kaharoa, will spend the next month deploying high tech ocean-profiling floats in the mid-Pacific. The 28–30 day journey will take the crew of five in a loop from Wellington up towards French Polynesia then back to Auckland without making landfall.


Expedition to measure world’s largest current

A trans-Tasman team of scientists lead by Dr Mike Williams of NIWA is setting out to discover just how much water flows south of New Zealand as part of the world’s largest current, the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.


Intensive study Of NZ seafloor underway

A focus of the project is to learn more about gas hydrates - deposits of frozen methane beneath the sea floor off the North Island’s east coast.


Sea reveals new energy source

NIWA scientists searching for exotic life forms living around seafloor methane seeps have also recovered chunks of frozen methane from along the edge of the continental shelf.


Drifting icebergs on the go for six years

The icebergs drifting off the Otago coast have covered 13,500km from the Antarctic's Ronne Ice Shelf.


Ice Age calling card found off South Island

NIWA scientists have found evidence to suggest giant icebergs, like those currently south of New Zealand, once drifted by the east coast.


Large icebergs head north

A flotilla of 100 icebergs drifting towards New Zealand could come within a few kilometres of the coast - but they might be too small to be seen say NIWA.


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