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New Thinking

New pipfruit varieties set to excite Europe

HortResearch and industry join forces to take New Zealand innovation to the European apple and pear market.


New glasshouses to fight invasive species

The establishment of state-of-the-art glasshouses at AgResearch's Ruakura campus will help combat invasive species that threaten New Zealand's pastorally-based economy.


The apple of Europe’s eye?

Healthy lifestyles, based on what we eat, is the coming thing. New Zealand’s leadership is recognized by having Crown Research Institute HortResearch as one of only two bodies outside the EU in a “farm to fork” programme seeking to deliver the taste, texture and nutrition EU consumers want.


NZ team unlocking the secrets of tastier, healthier apples

Fruit lovers everywhere will enjoy healthier, tastier apples thanks to world-leading work by Crown Research Institute HortResearch.


Stunning NZ red-fleshed apple is healthier to the core

Get ready to crunch in! A stunning red-fleshed apple, packed with health-promoting antioxidants, was recently unveiled by Crown Research Institute, HortResearch. The new (non GE) apple’s scrumptious flesh is rich red right to the core, due to the high level of the antioxidant anthocyanin.


New Science

New Value

Exotic new mushroom crop commercially harvested

Throw together top scientists from Crop & Food Research, mix in a company prepared to invest in an exotic new crop, and you have got a recipe for a brand new export industry.


Science takes NZ spuds to the world

With the help of Crop & Food


Environment-friendly tools for lettuce growers

Lettuce growers have a number of practical new tools at their disposal thanks to a large science programme involving entomologists from Crop & Food Research.


International award for New Zealand technology

A lure for thrips, an insect pest that targets onion, capsicum and aubergine crops, developed at Crop & Food Research in partnership with colleagues from the Netherlands, has won an innovation award at an international horticultural exhibition.


Scientists breed varroa 'resistant' bees

A sustainable and cost-effective tool to control the varroa mite may soon be available to New Zealand beekeepers thanks to the efforts of scientists at the Crown Research Institute, HortResearch.


Orchid industry anticipates automation boost

Automation and machinery may seem an anathema when considering the delicate and ethereal beauty of the orchid. But an Auckland orchid grower is endeavouring to bring the two together to create a more high-tech and efficient orchid export industry for New Zealand.


Making red lilies bloom earlier for Christmas markets

The bright red Opal lily cultivars can be sold into the lucrative Christmas markets around the world thanks to work by a Crop & Food Research scientist who has discovered how to make it flower several weeks earlier.


Potato growers invest in future capability

New Zealand’s potato growers are investing for the future by launching four new PhD research programmes for postgraduate students. The students will be recruited to work on specific projects with the country’s leading potato and potato disease scientists at Crop & Food Research.


Organic food industry revived on East Coast, North Island

Crop & Food Research scientists are helping organic growers to expand their businesses and to build on strong cropping traditions.


A versatile tool for better potato management

A potato calculator that matches nitrogen fertiliser to crop demand and reduces leaching has been developed with funding from Horticulture NZ Potato Product Group and Ballance Agri Nutrients.


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