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Hungry bugs eat GHG nasties

Landcare Research trialling practical way to radically cut New Zealand's methane emissions.


Queen Bees heading home to England

A rare species of bumblebee, extinct in its English homeland, has been clinging on in the South Island of New Zealand.


New Zealand ´game´ takes centre stage

Landcare Research scientists are to take a


Demand for organic certification growing

The organic certification of AgResearch’s Textile Processing Plant has opened the door to the rapidly expanding and highly competitive world of commercial certified organic products.


TransTasman scientists study livestock methane

AgResearch and Australian scientists will jointly investigate ways of reducing the impact of livestock methane emissions by finding out more about the digestive processes in the rumen of livestock.


NZ system eyed for use on ice

Antarctic Treaty nations will decide in June whether to adopt a framework developed by Landcare Research scientists for classifying physical environments over the entire frozen continent.


Climate change pioneer honoured

Lincoln University and Landcare Research have announced that Dr Francis (Frank) Kelliher has been appointed to the newly created position of Professorial Research Fellow, Soil and Environmental Sciences, at Lincoln University.


Reducing carbon costs of building a bid step forward

A proposal to require assessment of the overall carbon cost of producing, maintaining and using new buildings is a big step forward in sustainable thinking, say Landcare Research scientists.


Research builds bridge over troubled water

A new Landcare Research project aims to improve cooperation on water management, and bridge rifts over managing water and other natural resources.


More scientists needed to fight global warming

If New Zealand is to achieve the Government’s stated aim of becoming a carbon neutral economy, it will need many more scientists investigating ways of reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture and other economic activities in this country, says AgResearch Chief Executive Dr Andrew West.


New Science

Solving the P problem


Gas-gobbler from hell could help save world

GNS Scientist Matthew Stott has discovered a tiny methane-eating bug from the depths of hell that is being championed as a potential means of cutting methane emissions.


New Zealand Glaciers Shrinking

New Zealand’s glaciers are shrinking and twelve of the largest glaciers in the Southern Alps are unlikely to return to their earlier lengths without extraordinary cooling of the climate.


Study shows wood pellet burners improve air quality in Rotorua

With nightly winter fires nearly over for 2007, Rotorua home owners are being urged to consider switching to clean burning wood pellet burners before next winter. A study carried out by Crown Research Institute Scion has shown that using pellets, rather than wood, could significantly cut emissions of PM10 and help improve air quality in the city.


DNA tracks pests on most-wanted list

Landcare Research scientists in Auckland have developed DNA techniques to help identify which wildlife killers have been dining out on other species.


AgResearch has whiff of success with new sniffer

AgResearch has bought a state of the art "sniffer" device it says will expand the frontiers of agricultural science by offering an improved way to instantly measure biological data such as methane emissions or pregnancy status from animal breath samples.


Possum field trials a success

A new threat to possums is on the horizon, with the successful release of genetically marked parasites in a field trial at Kahurangi National Park at the top of the South Island.


Scentinal guards future of endangered wildlife

The fight to protect and preserve New Zealand's unique indiginous plants and wildlife has gained a powerful new ally.


Scientists fear results of collapsed ice shelf

The Ross Ice Shelf, a raft of ice the size of France, could collapse quickly, triggering a dramatic rise in sea levels, GNS Science scientists warn.


Ice Age calling card found off South Island

NIWA scientists have found evidence to suggest giant icebergs, like those currently south of New Zealand, once drifted by the east coast.


New Value

Software solution to help farmers meet Kyoto

A smart software solution developed by MAF, AgResearch and FertResearch will enable farmers across the country to accurately estimate their greenhouse gas emissions and help New Zealand comply with its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.


Rain puts dampener on Scion's experimental burns

Whilst most of New Zealand has been praying for rain this summer, Scion's fire researchers have had more than their fair share of it. Experimental burns taking place on Mount Torlesse in Canterbury have been plagued by bad weather, but despite this, useful information has been collected to help in the fight against wildfires.


NZ dairy farms losing advantage over EU


German experience leads To Enviro–Mark record

Wellington–based CatzDesign has become the fastest organisation to achieve Enviro–Mark NZ


Win-win as odour control enables biogas capture


Orange-flavoured vitamin gel brings bitter end to possums

An orange-flavoured green gel with a calcium kick and a bitter aftertaste has proved delicious but deadly for possums. 'No Possums' was developed through a collaboration between Landcare Research, the Animal Health Board and Christchurch company Kiwicare Corporation.


Time for action on troublesome trees


Blitzing Grass Grub

Pasture production on parts of a Landcorp Farming Ltd farm in the central North Island has almost doubled thanks to a biocontrol that is blitzing grass grub populations.


On the scent of the clover root weevil

AgResearch's Lincoln-based scientists are hot on the scent of odours that will attract and ultimately trap the clover root weevil - a major clover pasture pest.


Landcare Research wins satellite Opportunities

Landcare Research proposals to two newly-launched satellites has won them free data for investigations into several topical resource management issues.


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