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Eagle eye on erosion will help reduce flood risk

Landcare Research scientists have helped to develop a system for gauging the effects of erosion in New Zealand. Their work will help regional councils identify and target the most vulnerable land, to minimise erosion and flood damage.


Scientists aim to improve wastewater

Cleaner wastewater entering New Zealand's waterways is the vision of two scientists at Rotorua Crown Research Institute Scion, and their work is a step closer thanks to scholarships received by the pair.


Global warming clash builds up its own heat

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research is standing by its prediction that global warming will cause more floods of the type that devastated Northland.


Space-age radar may help assess landslides

Landcare Research remote sensing scientists hope to prove that cloud-piercing satellite radar has significant potential for rapid mapping of storm damage.


Potential tool for possum population control

AgResearch scientists have found two enteroviruses in wild possums that could be used to carry vaccines for possum biocontrols such as contraception.


“Stern” warning highlights need to get smart on food miles and climate change

Landcare Research scientists say New Zealand exporters can survive and even thrive as their markets become more concerned with climate change – by taking steps to reposition our clean, green brand.


Landcare Research honours achievers

A housing development and a high school have been recognised by Landcare Research at the Canterbury Resource Management Awards 2006.


Possum in a pickle

A recent trip to the UK to present breakthrough research in possum biocontrol led to an unlikely meeting for AgResearch scientist Dr Gail Shuttleworth.


New fruits needed to fight snack food threat

HortResearch believes new fruit varieties will play a key role in ensuring fruit remains a key part of a health, balanced diet.


Ensis organises national soils conference

Some $2.16 billion of GDP could be at risk if we fail to look after the quality of New Zealand's soil and water resources. The 2006 Soils & Society Conference signals the link of soil to social well being. Ensis is the unincorporated joint venture between Crown Research Institute, Scion and Australia's CSIRO.


New Science

Large icebergs head north

A flotilla of 100 icebergs drifting towards New Zealand could come within a few kilometres of the coast - but they might be too small to be seen say NIWA.


NZ world leader in pastoral greenhouse gas research

CRIs AgResearch and NIWA are members of the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium which is producing world-leading research on greenhouse gases.


Possible dry summer poses risks

NIWA said yesterday the chances of a weak El Nino pattern this spring are 50 per cent, double the usual probability. This could pose problems for farmers without access to irrigation water.


But WHY do the shifting sands shift?

For many who live near the coast, beach erosion and buildup is much more than a philosophical question: it’s fundamental to the future. An international research team led by NIWA is investigating how sandbars influence beach shape – with The Coromandel’s Tairua and Pauanui beaches both in the spotlight.


Biting back against billion dollar blights

The enemy never rests. Clover root weevil, Argentine stem weevil, New Zealand grass grub and Californian Thistles collectively cost NZ pastoral farmers over a billion dollars a year. Now scientists are showing that the right pest controls not only reduce losses – they can actually make money. It’s a virtuous circle from science that’ll give the little blighters something to chew over.


Cleaning up New Zealand’s drinking groundwater

Groundwater provides more than 40 per cent of New Zealand's drinking water. That makes clean groundwater a major issue for almost two million Kiwis. A team including four Crown Research Institutes is investigating two areas of groundwater contamination – nitrates and viruses.


New Value

Styling plant genes

AgResearch scientists have developed a high-precision DNA test that can accurately diagnose the seed yield potential


Collaboration on environmental management

Under a new Memorandum of Understanding, ESR will provide expert scientific advisory services to the Malaysian Centre for Environmental Protection and Information (CPEI) in Selangor State.


Protecting the soils that support 17% of New Zealand GDP

Over $2 billion of New Zealand exports depend on the top 15cm of soils. But how do soils function under current and changing land uses? Four Crown Research Institutes are behind an ongoing study – and interim results show we have a long way to go to achieve sustainable land use.


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