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NZ research leading to better foods, health

A collaboration between international quality researchers at AgResearch and the Liggins Institute has the potential to bring about major improvements in agriculture, such as lamb growth, disease resistance and milk production, and human health.


Food: a social thing

The fascinating social and religious context of food in America - including why raw milk drinkers fear vegans - is the topic between AgResearch Toxicologist Dr Rex Munday and Kim Hill (Radio New Zealand).


Selenium-enriched milk straight from the cow

AgResearch scientists have found ways to significantly boost the selenium content of meat and milk on-farm - directly improving foods and ingredients without the need for additives.


New centres to feed appetite for value-added food

AgResearch is hoping to collaboratively establish three national food research centres that will accelerate the development and commercialisation of high-value food technologies and products.


$1m project to tap native plant potential

Flavours used in traditional Maori cooking – and possibly some brand-new flavours – could soon enter trendy cuisine and earn export dollars.


Funding helps food technology think big

Food technology that will be developed with the aid of $6.3 million in private equity funding has the potential to double the US$600 million ($742 million) global market for probiotic ingredients, says AgResearch.


Gene foods offer consumers control

The emergence of foods based on nutrigenomics could spark a shift in the food industry landscape.


Golden age dawns for beef farmers

New Zealand's pasture-fed beef industry is going to experience a golden age according to AgResearch.


Science for the future

New Zealand's future as a food exporting nation depends on producing top quality raw materials and products - backed by


Science helps select the good oil

The science of taste is helping New Zealand's olive industry prove its success in pursuit of quality.


New Science

Fruit boost for sports performance

Sports consumers, from elite athletes and weekend warriors to executive exercisers and soccer moms, may soon benefit from the unique performance and recovery factors found in fruit.


'Mood Food' from fruit

A new fruit drink under development by HortResearch uses natural fruit compounds to help relieve stress.


Science with a natural flavour



No more free lunch for caterpillars

Crop and Food Research is seeking permission to trial caterpillar resistant cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and forage kale.


New Campylobacter test

ESR Scientists have developed a new way of distinguishing strains and species of Campylobacter.


Germ warfare to make eating safe

Germ warfare could be brought into play to protect people from food poisoning.


Fruit science reveals nature's promise

Advances in molecular biology open fresh possibilities for breeding new, natural fruit cultivars that look better, taste better and offer added environmental and consumer health benefits


Bright future for fruit-based foods

New research shows fruit and fruit extracts can boost immunity and improve gut health - opening the way for new health food combinations.


Are omega-3 products really the good oil?

Consumers buying foods with omega-3 may not be getting the good oil they think they are says Rufus Turner, a lipids scientist with Crop & Food Research.


A serving of fish fingerlings, please

More than 120,000 off-spring to date and more to come from just 12 adult snapper. The country’s commercial and recreational fishers are smiling as Crown Research Institute Crop & Food Research creates the means to breed snapper in captivity.


New Value

Three new kiwifruit cultivars to be commercialised

Plant & Food Research welcomes the decision by ZESPRI Group Limited announced today of the advancement of three new kiwifruit cultivars into commercial production.


$35.7 million investment in kiwifruit research consortium


Harness science to the plough

Plant and Food Research's Karl Crawford says that showcasing the science-backed health benefits of our food is the way to lift returns from agriculture.


Innovative pet food research consortium launched

A research consortium that aims to make New Zealand globally recognised as the leader in innovative meat science for pet care, has been launched by AgResearch, Mars and Massey University.


New Zealand's Potato Science on Show

New Zealand’s potato science programmes are attracting attention this week as expert speakers gather to talk on the global potato industry’s future at the 7th World Potato Congress.


Bigger, better Bluff oysters…bon appétit!

According to the latest NIWA survey of the Foveaux Strait oyster beds, bigger, better, Bluff oysters look set to be on the menu when the 2009 oyster season opens on Sunday.


Fresh produce success demands value over volume

Research and innovation will help horticulture become a $10b industry says HortResearch Acting CEO Dr Bruce Campbell.


First fruits from new collaboration

The US food industry samples the first new natural fruit flavours to emerge from collaboration between HortResearch and US-based flavour house Blue Pacific.


Test checks if vegetables are "organic"

In the expanding market for organic produce, how do you prove that only organic fertilisers have been used? New Zealand's GNS Science has developed what is believed to be the first independent test.


Science breakthough leads to new gourmet mushrooms

The breakthough is the result of a long term research programme undertaken by Crop & Food Research with its commercial partner, First Light Mushroom Co Ltd.


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