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New Thinking

New fruits needed to fight snack food threat

HortResearch believes new fruit varieties will play a key role in ensuring fruit remains a key part of a health, balanced diet.


New pipfruit varieties set to excite Europe

HortResearch and industry join forces to take New Zealand innovation to the European apple and pear market.


The secret life of food

Once, food was just food.


The apple of Europe’s eye?

Healthy lifestyles, based on what we eat, is the coming thing. New Zealand’s leadership is recognized by having Crown Research Institute HortResearch as one of only two bodies outside the EU in a “farm to fork” programme seeking to deliver the taste, texture and nutrition EU consumers want.


NZ team unlocking the secrets of tastier, healthier apples

Fruit lovers everywhere will enjoy healthier, tastier apples thanks to world-leading work by Crown Research Institute HortResearch.


Stunning NZ red-fleshed apple is healthier to the core

Get ready to crunch in! A stunning red-fleshed apple, packed with health-promoting antioxidants, was recently unveiled by Crown Research Institute, HortResearch. The new (non GE) apple’s scrumptious flesh is rich red right to the core, due to the high level of the antioxidant anthocyanin.


New Science

New Value

HortResearch license new apple cultivar

HortResearch plant breeders say they have produced a new golden apple - a Royal Gala X Braeburn cross - which will go on sale next year.


The true flavour of collaboration

HortResearch joins US firm in search for "next generation" fruit flavours and fruit-based ingredients.


Strong growth in cereal-based food exports

A new analysis by Crop & Food Research of New Zealand's cereal-based foods and baked-goods sector has shown it to be achieving significant and consistent export growth.


Organic food industry revived on East Coast, North Island

Crop & Food Research scientists are helping organic growers to expand their businesses and to build on strong cropping traditions.


A versatile tool for better potato management

A potato calculator that matches nitrogen fertiliser to crop demand and reduces leaching has been developed with funding from Horticulture NZ Potato Product Group and Ballance Agri Nutrients.


IRL scientist's breakthrough leads to burgeoning billion dollar cranberry industry

Groundbreaking research by Lower Hutt scientist Dr Lai Yeap Foo into the chemical compounds of the cranberry that inhibit urinary tract infection has resulted in soaring global demand in cranberry-based products.


Spanish launch for new pest management product

Small bugs mean big risks - and major loss of income - for greenhouse growers around the world. In New Zealand, onion thrips can be devastating to our largest horticultural crop, while capsicum and aubergine crops are also favourites.


Distinctive New Zealand flavours

Creating flavours from New Zealand native plants is the aim of a new, $1 million, Crop & Food Research programme that will see distinctive New Zealand food products developed for niche, high-value, export markets.


New Zealand takes bite of superfruit market

New research into health and nutrition is helping move fruit up the value chain.


Crop & Food develops cholesterol-free spread

Just released to market is a new spread made from rice bran oil that looks and tastes like butter, but without cholesterol or hydrogenated fats.


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