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Research may help firm up pipfruit profits.

Apple growers, marketers and retailers may be able to


NZ horticulture quietly takes export spotlight

Apart from flagships Kiwifruit and wine, NZ horticulture exports are seldom high profile. But look closer: in the year to March 2006 horticulture exports quietly hit $2.3 billion. That’s 7% of all NZ exports and a huge $100 million gain on the previous year. Strong growth owes much to ground-breaking new products, where HortResearch takes a driving role.


Growing the $NZ80 million export spud

The humble spud no longer. Sequencing the potato genome will open the way to potatoes with better nutritional value, colour and flavour, powering New Zealand’s $80 million export market. Crop & Food Research scientists are part of a $36 million study involving 8 countries.


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