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Volcano collapse underlines threat of tsunami

NIWA scientists have found that a volcanic cone on Rumble III, 200km northeast of Auckland, has crumbled. Marine geologist Richard Wysoczanski said there's no doubt some of these slips can cause tsunami.


Major petroluem geosience project commences

GNS Science has started a major two-year work programme that will substantially increase the quality and quantity of geoscience information available to the oil and gas exploration industry in New Zealand.


NZ and Japan combine in Wellington quake study

New Zealand and Japanese scientists are combining forces to investigate the boundary between the Pacific and Australian tectonic plates under Wellington to better understand its threat to New Zealand.


The fascinating world of fossil finding

GNS palaeontologist James Crampton is urging Kiwis to get digging and start exploring the rock and river beds around them for fossils.


NZ scientists to gather data for Disaster Plan

Geologists from GNS Science will spend the next six months collecting information on buildings and infrastructure in Pacific Island countries to measure vulnerability and risk from earthquakes and cyclones in the southwest Pacific.


Fiordland continues to rumble

GNS Science geologist Dr Gill Jolly says aftershocks of the 7.8 earthquake centred 100km southwest of Te Anau that struck on July 15 last year were still being felt.


Quake brings cooler times at Welcome Flat

GNS Science monitoring shows South Westland's celebrated Welcome Flat hot pools have become a little less welcoming.


When will the next big eruption happen?

GNS Science volcanologist Dr Gill Jolly says although there have been 25 "little" volcanic eruptions in the central North Island in geologically recent times, it is 1800 years since the last big one.


Dinosaur footprints discovered in South Island

GNS Science geologist Greg Browne has found 70 million-year-old dinosaur footprints in northwest Nelson.


Our Australian cousins just got closer

The South Island has been twisted out of shape and shoved closer to Australia by last week's massive Fiordland earthquake says GNS Science GeoNet project director Ken Gledhill showing the immensity of the forces involved.


New Science

Antarctic scientific drilling project gets underway

GNS and NIWA scientists and engineers head south this week to prepare for the most challenging sub-ice drilling project yet attempted in Antarctica.


Tsunami response to be put to test

Using modelling techniques developed by GNS Science, New Zealand's ability to respond to a massive tsunami will be put to the test on Wednesday, 20th October.


Upgraded instrument network watches Auckland volcanoes

Auckland sits on volcanic field that could reactivate at any time and the best way to monitor volcanoes is to check for seismic signals, says GNS Science.


Volcanic ash impacts more frequent in Auckland scientists find

Scientists have identified 29 previously unknown volcanic ash layers while drilling into ancient eruption craters in Auckland.


NIWA finds new ways of seeing past earthquakes – under the sea

NIWA scientists are working at the cutting edge of earthquake research, developing new ways to interpret the history of undersea earthquakes occurring on major faultlines around New Zealand.


Six months of seismic activity in under a minute

In the early hours of Saturday morning on 4 September 2010, people in Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury region were jolted awake by the most damaging earthquake in New Zealand since the deadly magnitude 7.8 Hawke's Bay (Napier) earthquake in 1931.


Two quakes caused Samoan tsunami

GNS Scientists report that a rare combination of two massive earthquakes happening almost simultaneously triggered the tsunami that devastated parts of Samoa and Tonga.


Scientists plan to drill deep into Alpine Fault

GNS Science says that top international scientists are eyeing up a scrubby West Coast stream bed to carry out multimillion-dollar research into New Zealand's major "earthquake machine".


Faultless Northland shown in new geological map

A new geological map, published by GNS Science, covering central Northland shows the region has no known active faults.


Solander Island much younger than previously thought

Solander Island, 40km south of the Fiordland coast, has been found to be geologically much younger than previously thought.


New Value

Earth science book a finalist in 2009 Montana Book Awards

A book co-published by GNS Science and the Geological Society of New Zealand has been selected as a finalist in the 2009 Montana Book Awards.


GNS Science sells software internationally

Crown Research Institute GNS Science has reached a milestone by selling its seismic processing software to international processing provider, Spectrum Geo Limited.


A Continent on the Move

A magnificent new book on earth science in New Zealand went on sale in bookstores recently.


New gauge part of tsunami monitoring network

A sea-level gauge installed at the Port of Tauranga this week will form part of a national network of gauges for monitoring tsunamis.


Borehole instrument boosts earthquake monitoring in Auckland

A new borehole earthquake recorder installed by GNS Science will boost earthquake and volcano monitoring capability in the Auckland region.


Exploring NZ's Undersea Treasures

Modern-day explorers use high-tech equipment to explore earth's last great frontier - the ocean floor. Join GNS Science's Cornel de Ronde in this fascinating Australian TV documentary as he explains the discovery of huge submarine volcanoes, weird marine creatures, and large mineral deposits on New Zealand's seafloor.


NZ Fossils: Dead Precious ...

This week sees the launch of an exhibition on fossils that will tour New Zealand for the next three years. Called NZ Fossils: Dead Precious!, it showcases fossils as predictors and indicators of climate change, evolution, natural disasters, and resources such as minerals and oil and gas.


Survey software strikes it rich

A boost for a 20-year-old piece of programming is turning oil into gold for GNS Science.


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