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New Thinking

Scientists call for earthquake forecasting centre

Some of New Zealand’s top scientists and their overseas counterparts are pushing for the establishment of an earthquake and volcano forecasting centre.


Landslips and erosion: just how bad is 2006?

Crown Research Institute scientists from


Fossil vomit and other stories

New Zealand has the best fossil record in the Southern Hemisphere - many curated by GNS Science. A new exhibition will show that fossils, including fossil vomit, have current and future utility as well as telling great stories.


The new rock and roll

Earthquakes are a fact of life for most New Zealanders, with 14,000 or so recorded tremors each year. Monitoring what happens and where is key to improving earthquake readiness and response. With the GeoNet monitoring network, Crown Research Institute GNS Science is seismically aware, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


New Science

Fault line's movement studied

A gash has been opened up across the Alpine Fault, but the split has been made by geologists and not nature.


Scientists to take close look at Fiordland aftershocks

GNS Science Seismologists plan to install portable instruments in Fiordland later this week to record aftershocks in the wake of today’s magnitude 6.7 quake west of Milford Sound.


Robotic Vehicles To Explore Offshore Volcano

In a project led by GNS Science, unmanned vehicles will fly into the crater of an offshore volcano to map it and search for possible mineral deposits.


Wellington faultline project to focus on the big one

A $3.5 million project, to be lead by GNS Science, will focus over the next seven years on predicting when the next big one will hit Wellington.


Preparing for natural disasters

The Joint Centre for Disaster Research, created this week, will focus the skills of a "winning team" of psychologists, sociologists, planners, geologists, risk assessors, Maori researchers, and economists from both Massey University and GNS Science, the crown research institute.


But WHY do the shifting sands shift?

For many who live near the coast, beach erosion and buildup is much more than a philosophical question: it’s fundamental to the future. An international research team led by NIWA is investigating how sandbars influence beach shape – with The Coromandel’s Tairua and Pauanui beaches both in the spotlight.


New power source right under our feet?

A city the size of Christchurch could be powered by generating geothermal electricity from the heat in our disused oil and gas wells, reckons GNS Science. There are over 300 old wells with the heat to become significant generators. What’s more, many more old wells could be directly tapped for their geothermal riches.


Building kiwi homes to withstand shakes

With almost 400 earthquakes large enough to be felt each year, and thousands more either too small or too deep to be felt, how can New Zealand homes and building be safe enough without incurring earth-shattering costs? New earthquake loading standards in the Building Code call on latest GNS Science knowledge to deliver strength at a realistic budget.


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