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New Thinking

Deer may lend a hand

Imagine if your hand or another limb was chopped off and you could just grow another. Sound far-fetched? Invermay scientists don't think so. Their research into how deer grow a new set of antlers each year may one day provide the answer.


Marsden funds benefit primary sector, human health

Two AgResearch researchers who were last week awarded prestigious Marsden Fund grants will use animal models for research that could lead to important insights into human and animal growth and development and potential new treatments for cancer and heart disease.


Fake drugs a growing problem

The trade in fake drugs is growing as sophisticated counterfeiting operations produce billions of fake pills for sale, says GNS scientist Dallas Mildenhall.


Genetic discovery at heart of AgResearch joint venture

AgResearch is part of a new joint venture that will have huge benefits for both the health and pastoral sectors.


The apple of Europe’s eye?

Healthy lifestyles, based on what we eat, is the coming thing. New Zealand’s leadership is recognized by having Crown Research Institute HortResearch as one of only two bodies outside the EU in a “farm to fork” programme seeking to deliver the taste, texture and nutrition EU consumers want.


NZ prepares for faster action against global disease

Pandemic? Biosecurity? Bioterrorism? Potential threats all. Since 9/11 and SARS the world has taken big steps in proactive surveillance. But like all nations, perhaps the biggest challenge NZ faces is to bring the barrage of facts together, into a single – relevant - information source. Crown Research Institute ESR reckons it’s cracked the problem.


Stunning NZ red-fleshed apple is healthier to the core

Get ready to crunch in! A stunning red-fleshed apple, packed with health-promoting antioxidants, was recently unveiled by Crown Research Institute, HortResearch. The new (non GE) apple’s scrumptious flesh is rich red right to the core, due to the high level of the antioxidant anthocyanin.


New Science

What triggers meningococcal disease?


Deer velvet to be tested for healing human wounds

The treatment of wounds using a unique deer velvet product will be tested on humans thanks to an investment by AgResearch, Deer Industry New Zealand (DINZ) and their joint venture company VARNZ Ltd.


New research highlights sports recovery potential in blackcurrants

A preliminary study by Plant & Food Research suggests that natural chemicals found in blackcurrants may help balance the impacts exercise can have on the body.


Special honey halts bacteria

Researchers at Plant and Food Research have identified what makes manuka honey good for treating and preventing bacterial infections.


"Tamiflu" resistance in flu viruses


NZ-assisted cow genome holds hope for medicine

Crown Research Institute scientists are part of an international team that has sequenced the cow genome – which holds hope for both animal and human health.


Turmeric relieves symptoms in some cases of inflammatory bowel disease

Researchers have found that curcumin, the major yellow constituent of turmeric spice, reduces inflammation in model systems of Crohn’s disease.


Good news for expectant mums

Mothers-to-be may be able to listen to their babies’ heartbeat at home as the result of


New science pinpoints source of disease outbreak

A technique developed from ESR's CBRE science, microbial and chemical forensics programme, was used for the first time to help find the cause of a national Salmonella outbreak.


Reverse genetics produces influenza vaccine virus

ESR scientists have recently trialled a new technique that creates an influenza vaccine virus in less than three weeks compared with the traditional method, which takes several months.


New Value

Surveillance shows rise in MRSA


New mobility hope for hip dysplasia children

A revolutionary new standing frame currently being developed out of research by IRL could allow upright mobility for children who are forced to spend up the three months lying horizontal in an immobilising plaster cast , due to hip dysplasia or upper-leg fractures


ESR studies quantify foodborne illness in New Zealand


RYO tobacco research


Keeping New Zealanders safe

SARs, avian flu, influenza, economic biosecurity, counter-terrorism around biological and chemical threats, and other threats at microbial level. This takes top people to keep New Zealand safe, and now they have top facilities as ESR opens its new site at Wallaceville, Upper Hutt.


Acute gastronintestinal illness study


Study shows 70% drop in flu deaths

The incidence of ‘flu in the community has significantly decreased over the past decade with a 70% drop in influenza-related deaths according to an assessment by ESR’s influenza experts.


New dental device a promising weapon in cancer arsenal


IRL scientist's breakthrough leads to burgeoning billion dollar cranberry industry

Groundbreaking research by Lower Hutt scientist Dr Lai Yeap Foo into the chemical compounds of the cranberry that inhibit urinary tract infection has resulted in soaring global demand in cranberry-based products.


Sizing up SurvINZ

ESR's new state-of-the-art surveillance platform demonstrates its value during the national pandemic planning exercise.


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