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IRL partner in cancer vaccine initiative

Science and business experts in Wellington are joining forces to develop a lucrative vaccine against cancer.


New adjuvants helping vaccines work better

Industrial Research scientists are looking to extend vaccination to not only preventing, but also treating a vide range of diseases. A new area of R&D is now developing compounds that can increase the effectiveness of vaccines.


Passion fruit helps asthmatics

A passionfruit extract researched and developed at IRL can significantly reduce the severity of asthmatics' wheezing and coughing and also help reduce blood pressure.


Plants of the cabbage family may ward off bladder cancer say researchers

An international team of researchers led by AgResearch senior scientist Dr Rex Munday has discovered that an extract of broccoli sprouts can decrease the incidence of bladder cancer in an animal model by more than 50 per cent.


Grass grub killer technology for human trials

Biotechnology company Encoate, which is part-owned by AgResearch, is looking at using technology that helps kill grass grubs to keep humans healthy.


Green light for second radar breast imaging study

The Breast Cancer Research Trust has recently confirmed a further research grant to Industrial Research for a second pilot study on breast cancer patients, commencing in March 2008.


Promising treatment for debilitating muscle wasting diseases

In conjunction with AgResearch and other leading research institutes in New Zealand and Australia, Dunedin-based biotechnology company, Orico Limited, is leading the development of a ground-breaking new therapy which could significantly benefit the sufferers of muscle wasting conditions, such as muscular dystrophy.


Scientists uncover last secret of plant Vitamin C

Researchers at New Zealand fruit science company HortResearch have discovered the missing link in our understanding of how plants produce Vitamin C. The discovery completes a scientific quest begun in the 1930's and opens new opportunities for plant breeders to grow new fruit varieties with higher levels of this crucial vitamin. (INSERT LINEBREAK)


New Campylobacter test

ESR Scientists have developed a new way of distinguishing strains and species of Campylobacter.


Germ warfare to make eating safe

Germ warfare could be brought into play to protect people from food poisoning.


New Value

Wool breast pads help nursing mothers

Scientists at Lincoln's research institute AgResearch have developed new lanolin-enriched merino wool breastfeeding pads for nursing mothers.


New drug for treatment of painful skin disease a step closer

A drug, developed by Industrial Research for treatment of psoriasis, to be trialled in the United States by pharmaceutical giant Roche.


Studying the effects of party pills

The popularity of 'party pills' has increased dramatically in the recent years and ESR scientists are involved in several research projects to learn more about their effects.


New Zealand takes bite of superfruit market

New research into health and nutrition is helping move fruit up the value chain.


ESR’s “PulseNet Aotearoa New Zealand” receives International Award

ESR’s work in establishing PulseNet Aotearoa New Zealand was recently recognised by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with an International Recognition Award.


New device tests muscle strength

World-first, low cost, portable, precise - Industrial Research's latest tool is a quantum leap for health professionals, enabling them to scientifically assess joint or muscle injuries.


Campylobacter: why the rise?


Networking brain monitor could save babies' lives

Many more premature babies' lives could be saved by Industrial Research's world-first networking enhancement to a new neonatal brain monitor....


Precision thinking on breast cancer screening

For 40 years, there have been no major advances in technology used to screen for breast cancer. But change could now be underway. A prototype breast radar imaging (BRI) device, developed by Industrial Research scientist Dr Ray Simpkin, is under trial. The new technology could lead to detection of tumors as small as 1mm. (INSERT LINEBREAK)


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