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Anti-malaria drug research receives massive funds boost

Scientists from Industrial Research and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine are working on a new anti-malarial drug with backing of US$2m from the Medicine for Malaria Venture.


IRL scientists make malaria advance

New Zealand researchers are working on a novel weapon to combat malaria parasites that kill about two million people a year, mostly in the tropics.


Promising therapy for heart attack victims

Scientists have discovered a treatment that dramatically reduces damage to the heart following a heart attack.


New centre for drug discovery and development launched


Grapefruit could help diabetics

Millions of diabetes sufferers around the world may be helped if a collaboration between Industrial Research, the Wellington School of Medicine and the University of Otago bears fruit...


New Parkinson's drug goes to Phase II trials

Four million Parkinson's sufferers worldwide may soon benefit from a new drug being


Could your DNA lead to disease?

How far can scientists dip into your genetic makeup to identify the risk of diabetes, heart disease, mental illness and other complex diseases? “Further than ever,” says ESR. The Crown Research Institute is using latest technology to work out exactly what DNA can forecast and explain – and the results are much more than microscopic.


Just how much is in your genes?

The battle against diabetes, heart disease and mental illness is taking a powerful new turn – into the microscopic. Crown Research Institute ESR is utilizing new technology to help identify the genetic markers involved in these and other complex diseases. Known as a ‘genome chip’, the technology makes it possible to scan someone’s entire genome in a single test.


DNA profiling - another NZ leap into the microscopic

Welcome to the future of crime solving. Crown Research Institute ESR has led the way in developing LCN (low copy number) DNA technology - ten times more sensitive than past DNA procedures. Forensic scientists will be able to lift a DNA profile from skin cells left on a keyboard.


Cleaning up New Zealand’s drinking groundwater

Groundwater provides more than 40 per cent of New Zealand's drinking water. That makes clean groundwater a major issue for almost two million Kiwis. A team including four Crown Research Institutes is investigating two areas of groundwater contamination – nitrates and viruses.


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