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New Thinking

WoodScape project follows Bio-Pathways study

New Zealand's wood processing opportunities are being evaluated by Scion in a Woodco commissioned project called 'WoodScape'.


Leading fashion designers want commercial production of AgResearch fabrics

Ten of New Zealand’s leading fashion designers have tried using four unique fabrics produced by AgResearch and many now want the merino fabrics commercially produced to use in their collections.


Current thinking at IRL

A group of IRL physicists is at the cutting edge of research into high-temperature superconductors.


New Acting General Manager for AgResearch Food and Textiles Group

Providing leadership for AgResearch’s substantial capability and capacity in food and textiles research and development will be the focus for the new Acting General Manager Professor Warren McNabb.


Super New Zealand science on display

Holidaymakers passing through Wellington International Airport have a chance to view some super science and technologies developed in New Zealand and now being commercialised here.


Model set on fire, stabbing at fashion week

A model was set on fire and a mannequin was viciously stabbed - all in the name of a fashion-world first.


New Science

Cardboard boxes given aerospace treatment

New Zealand’s export industry is heavily reliant on cardboard boxes, and understanding how boxes fail under heavy loads is crucial. Until now, scientists have only been able to observe how boxes look before and after failure.


Treating timber in leaky buildings

Novel research and technical advice from Scion’s wood preservation team contributed to the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) publication, “Dealing with timber in leaky buildings”. This guide was prepared for builders and building professionals.


Some like it hot

The exacting work of an IRL scientist is allowing huge petrochemical furnaces to run at temperatures that optimise life and yield the best return for the energy expended.


Chemistry award for supercritical extraction

IRL Group Manager, Integrated Bioactive Technologies, Dr Owen Catchpole has won the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Fonterra Prize for Industrial and Applied Chemistry.


Hot fashion in bed

Want to wear something that’ll make going to bed more enjoyable? AgResearch scientists have come up with something that will help.


Scientists on trail of squeaky hip mystery

When an undercover police officer realised his squeaking hip implant was jeopardising covert surveillance work, his surgeon turned to IRL to help solve the problem.


Kiwi connection to green racing car

Scientists at Plant & Food Research had a part in developing the world’s first racing car from sustainable and renewable resources.


Major advances imminent for portable x-ray imaging equipment

Industrial Research Limited (IRL), Victoria University and GNS Science are jointly researching new technologies that will offer superior performance to existing x-ray systems, opening up new commercial uses across a range of industries.


New understanding of 'holy grail' nanowire technology

After years of exhaustive research, computer simulations developed by Industrial Research can now replicate the way molecules behave at the nanoscale...


Smart singlets could save lives

AgResearch has developed a singlet which will automatically alert headquarters if the wearer has been injured.


New Value

Colourful timber

Staining or painting timber is the traditional way to add colour to wooden products, but that colour is only surface deep. Any scratching or resurfacing can remove the colourful layer and affect the aesthetic of the wood. The full thickness colour technology developed by Scion fixes colourful dye throughout timber in a range of bright colours.


A future of tall timber

The international building design industry is in the midst of a wood revolution according to Scion’s Sustainable Architect Andrea Stocchero.


Packaging – more than meets the eye

Scion’s WHITE room can test up to 25 corrugated boxes under accelerated conditions.


Is wood quality still relevant?

Planting forests is a long term commitment. Choosing the right trees and management regime requires good site knowledge and a long term perspective about the future value of wood. It also requires a better understanding of what constitutes quality from a consumer’s perspective.


A new kind of wood adds value

Substituting just 1% of tropical timbers with sustainably grown radiata pine would be a significant opportunity for New Zealand. Scion’s wood processing scientists are developing and preparing to commercialise a technology platform with New Zealand based companies that can deliver new applications for wood. The technology is protected by international patents.


Automation excellence

A close collaboration has resulted in the recognition of IRL partner Milmeq Ltd at the prestigious New Zealand Engineering Excellence Awards.


Eye on the heavens

IRL business unit KiwiStar Optics is helping to unravel the 12-billion-year history of our galaxy with a new multi-million dollar contract to produce optical cameras for the Australian Hermes project.


Unique fabrics easy on the eye – and the nose

AgResearch textile scientists have developed “wool world-first" fabrics for New Zealand’s Fashion Week.


Setting the scene for a 3D revolution


IRL and Epichem Pty Ltd combine strengths in Australasian alliance

CRI IRL and Epichem Pty Ltd have announced a strategic alliance designed to provide clients with continuous and seamless services from drug discovery to cGMP production.


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