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New Thinking

Let’s make IRL an engine for private sector R&D expertise creation says IPENZ

Industrial Research Ltd. should be changed to an innovation development agency reckons IPENZ. The proposal is part of the recently released Institution of Professional Engineers of NZ’s ‘Catalysing economic growth – boosting innovation expertise in the private sector’ document


Creating primary sector's edge

IRL CEO Shaun Coffey looks at how agricultural science can help give New Zealand competitive advantage in world markets.


Vote RS&T Budget “potentially game-changing”

Investments will re-shape society and economy by recognising knowledge breeds prosperity.


Into a brave new world

Transcript of a public lecture at NIWA, Auckland "The New Zealand Science System – into a brave new world" delivered on 21 April 2010 by Chief Science Advisor Sir Peter Gluckman


Amalgamating agencies “eminently sensible"

The chairman of Science New Zealand, John Morgan, says a single agency for science research policy and funding is eminently sensible. FRST is to be amalgamated into MORST.


Changes to make CRIs ‘Engines of Growth’

The eight CRIs are a cornerstone of the science that underpins New Zealand’s economic and environmental wellbeing, says Government


CRIs' scramble for funding to stop: PM

PM says scientists have been forced to spend too much time applying for funding and filling out forms, rather than getting on with the business of producing high-quality practical research. Biggest changes in 20 years announced.


PSA pleased at decision to boost guaranteed funding for CRIs

The Public Service Association is pleased the government has decided to increase guaranteed funding for Crown Research Institutes to enable them to focus on research in the national interest rather than making a profit for the Crown.


Selecting suitable science

A small but smart country can do great things in unexpected areas – and broaden our economic base. HTS is one example.


2010 is Year of Science says Minister

More support coming to ramp up science connected to New Zealand needs.


New Science

New Value

CRI change a big positive

Longer term funding for CRIs will enable such institutes to unleash their potential, says Science New Zealand.


CRIs to get longer term funding

The new long-term strategic funding is a huge change which will enable CRIs to better align with sectors and produce better science says RS&T Minister.


Taskforce empowers CRIs

“This will enable CRIs to crack on with the job of doing great science and delivering economic and other benefits to New Zealand,” says the chairman of Science New Zealand, John Morgan.


$800 million growth targeted for Maori farms

With over 720,000 hectares under production, Maori are the largest natural grouping of pastoral farmers in New Zealand. Crown Research Institute AgResearch has set the ambitious goal of helping those farmers double productivity from approximately $800 million to $1.6 billion by the year 2020.


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