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New Thinking

Science vital to New Zealand

Exciting message of science potential getting traction in politics, business and public.


Grave time for sheep industry

Sheep farmers seem to have lost some of their nerve and enthusiasm in the wake of two years of low returns, AgResearch chief executive Andrew West says.


Scientist’s time is now

Move over’s time for scientists to strut their stuff!


Global emissions alliance

Crown Research Institutes are key science leaders in global effort to reduce agricultural emissions.


Our No.8 wire days over?

Cliche hides the level of science intensity in New Zealand, says Anthony Scott.


GHG targets pose policy choices

Saving the world is not a timetabled process, says Kiwi scholar


Politicians told to stop holding the country back

AgResearch Chief Executive Dr Andrew West is telling politicians that it's time they "slaughtered some of the sacred cows" that are holding the country back from export development.


Science 'the linchpin in NZ's ability to innovate'

Science is at the heart of almost everything this country must do to meet the health, social, environmental and standard-of-living ambitions of every New Zealander, says Sir Peter Gluckman, the first chief science adviser to a New Zealand Prime Minister.


Research levy essential to take agricultural sector forward

Dr Andrew West, CEO of AgResearch Ltd, is urging farmers to vote ‘yes’ in the Meat & Wool New Zealand levy proposal referendum which runs from 3 to 28 August.


Creative thinking in challenging times

Industrial Research CEO, Shaun Coffey says


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