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Measuring science hard work

Everybody is demanding their pound of flesh in these hard times.


Chief Science Adviser ‘s optimism and ambition for role of science in New Zealand applauded

Professor Peter Gluckman, the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser, has set out an ambitious, optimistic yet achievable platform for his role, says the chief executive of Science New Zealand, Anthony Scott.


Farming smarter, agricultural innovation

AgResearch chairman Sam Robinson told guests at the CRI’s annual media dinner that farming smarter demands all farmers take action now, at ground zero, to remain sustainable, resilient and productive.


Benchtop RS&T increases

Budget 2009 delivers some welcome increases to benchtop RS&T, says Science New Zealand.


Prime Minister’s Chief Science Adviser valued

Science New Zealand chair John Morgan says the role and the person will enhance the mana of science in government and across the nation.


AgResearch welcomes the appointment of Chief Science Advisor

AgResearch's Chief Executive, Dr Andrew West, today celebrated the appointment of Professor Peter Gluckman as the Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister.


More R&D needed to sustain farming success

Agriculture Minister Carter says New Zealand’s farming success has been built on RS&T – but adds: “For 20 years, we as a nation haven’t spent enough on research and development. And many of the productivity increases we have achieved on-farm are as a result of research done 30 years ago.”


Biology can be our trump card

New Zealand is lucky to be in the business of biology, in the century of biology.


Biotech still critical to NZ

AgResearch chief scientist Stephen Goldson says nanotechnology could confer massive benefit to New Zealand’s biological based industries by contributing technologies.


Innovation: the key to improved productivity

The unprecedented financial market turmoil of recent months has meant that 2009 is a year in which we need to rethink our approach to productivity growth. (INSERT LINEBREAK)


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