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Agresearch boss calls for change

Dr Andrew West says a major change to the system of funding CRIs is needed if New Zealand hopes to attract and retain excellent scientific talent


Science funding: collaboration not contest

Collaboration not contest should be the main ethic in funding of science. AgResearch head calls for a Collaboration Fund between CRIs and universities.


Never has New Zealand needed science more

New Zealand’s pastoral sector is facing an unprecedented set of demands and opportunities that only new science and technology can address, says the CEO of AgResearch.


Powerful combination of portfolios welcomed

“Combining the portfolios of economic development, tertiary education and research science & technology under one senior Minister is a powerful statement of the importance of science to the future of the nation,” says Alex Malahoff, CEO of GNS Science and President of the Association of Crown Research Institutes.


'Time out' key to forensic progress

Forensic scientists need to be freed up from solving crimes so they can research how their talents can best be used to fight crime, an ESR research leader says.


NZ needs to focus on long term in R&D

AgResearch chairman Rick Christie says New Zealand has under-invested in research and development which is critical to the future of the primary sector.


The secret of our success will be….?

If other countries are spending so much on R&D to achieve economic progress, what is New Zealand doing so well and so differently that it can hope to achieve the same outcomes without similar investment?


More than entertainment?

Most science stories in the media entertain - but deep down, the public really does not care enough to ask hard questions, worries Anthony Scott.


Call for research funding

New Zealand scientists are looking for an injection of $50 million in Government investment to step up trans-Tasman science.


More scientists needed to fight global warming

If New Zealand is to achieve the Government’s stated aim of becoming a carbon neutral economy, it will need many more scientists investigating ways of reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture and other economic activities in this country, says AgResearch Chief Executive Dr Andrew West.


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