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NIWA to put temperature data on web

The country's climate forecaster is bowing to public pressure and putting all of its temperature data and calculations on the internet because of mistrust fuelled by errors overseas.


Methane research is ballooning

AgResearch scientists are using water balloons to measure sheep burps as part of research into methane emissions.


NIWA stands by its statement on methane rise

The statement made by NIWA Principal Scientist, Dr Keith Lassey in a TV3 news story on 22 Dec 2009 about methane is correct.


Greenhouse gas methane on the rise again

The concentration of methane in the atmosphere is rising, according to measurements made by NIWA.


Research farm aims to lower carbon emissions

AgResearch hopes to show dairy farmers how to reduce carbon emissions on their farms by experimenting with farm inputs on its new $6.5 million dairy research farm at Tokanui.


Seabed drilling probes sea level change

An international team of 33 scientists, including some from GNS Science, will spend the next two months drilling beneath the seabed off the Canterbury coast in a bid to pin down the link between climate and sea level changes over the last 35 million years.


Seasonal Climate Outlook July-September 2009

Rainfall is expected to be normal or above normal over the north and east of the North Island, and in Canterbury, over the next three month period, according to the latest outlook from NIWA’s National Climate Centre.


Local expert downplays solar threat

The remote threat of a catastrophic "solar super-storm" killing hundreds of thousands of people and plunging the Earth into chaos has been met with caution by NIWA upper atmosphere scientist Bill Allan.


NIWA combing archives for old weather records

Ever wondered what the weather was like the day your grandmother was born, or the day New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup?


Hot science comes to Wellington

During January, the world's leading authorities on the history of climate change will converge on Wellington for a conference on the greenhouse climate of the Paleogene period, 65 to 35 million years ago.


New Science

'Holy Grail' of greenhouse gas capture?

This Radio NZ interview with IRL's Robert Holt and Susan Edwards discusses promising new research into methods for the sequestering of carbon.


Scientists to drill for ice cores in Southern Alps glaciers

Scientists from three countries will camp out high in Mt Cook National Park for the next three weeks collecting ice cores from glaciers for climate research.


Cyclone Bola still making its mark after 21 years

The effects of Cyclone Bola are still with the East Coast of the North Island, according to NIWA scientists


New carbon footprinting project underway

An ambitious new project to establish a standardised approach to measuring Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions for one of the country’s leading export industries is about to begin.


Antarctic visit to study sea ice

Scientists from NIWA and Otago University flew to New Zealand’s Scott Base, on the first post-winter Antarctica New Zealand flight, to study the growth and thickness of winter coastal sea ice in McMurdo Sound.


Glaciers continue to show significant ice loss

Research released by NIWA shows that most of New Zealand’s glaciers are continuing to shrink at a rapid rate.


New climate change projections produced for New Zealand

NIWA has produced new climate change projections for New Zealand. The new projections represent the most up-to-date scientific knowledge about likely effects of climate change in New Zealand, including regional impacts.


Drought: what trees can tell us

Reconstructing past climate records using ancient trees' rings is


New insights into climate change

Landcare Research climate change scientists, with Scottish colleagues, can now distinguish and measure carbon dioxide respriation rates between soil and roots in a forest


Scientists simulate climate of the future

A unique AgResearch experiment that simulates how climate change will affect farming in 25 years time is now the longest running trial of its kind in the world.


New Value

International accreditation for CarboNZero programme

Landcare Research


carboNZeroCertTM programme ranked No.1

Consumers searching Carbon Catalog ( for the most transparent carbon offset provider in Australasia will find Landcare Research’s carboNZero programme at the very top of the list.


Software solution to help farmers meet Kyoto

A smart software solution developed by MAF, AgResearch and FertResearch will enable farmers across the country to accurately estimate their greenhouse gas emissions and help New Zealand comply with its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol.


Nobel Peace Prize contribution honoured

A climate change expert at Scion has been honoured by the IPCC for his work that helped it jointly win the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Dr Peter Beets researches forest carbon stocks and land use change.


NZ dairy farms losing advantage over EU


New centre to focus on solutions to climate change

All 9 Crown Research Institutes and at least 2 universities will bring together their capability around climate change opportunities and challenges, providing a route for industry and the government to tap into the nation's collective research expertise in an initiative warmly welcomed by the Prime Minister.


Soil scientist honoured for research on potent greenhouse gas

Landcare Research soil scientist Dr Surinder Saggar has been honoured for his internationally recognised research into processes regulating the release of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide from soil.


Raise your glass: wine company goes CarboNZero®

The world's first CarboNZero


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