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Climate change - tough challenges for livestock

IRL Chief Executive Shaun Coffey says the world’s livestock industries will face a tough future as they come to grips with climate change.


Helping Kiribati prepare for the effects of climate change

NIWA coastal specialists have recently been in Tarawa, the capital of the Republic of Kiribati, contributing to Kiribati Government initiatives to plan for the effects of climate change.


Fossils reveal secrets of NZ history

A new study of New Zealand's climate 42 million years ago shows a greenhouse climate with warmer seas and little or no ice in Antarctica.


Low hydro inflows: it's La Nina

This year's low inflows into South Island hydro lakes were normal for a La Nina year, NIWA's long-term data confirms.


TransTasman scientists study livestock methane

AgResearch and Australian scientists will jointly investigate ways of reducing the impact of livestock methane emissions by finding out more about the digestive processes in the rumen of livestock.


Kiribati prepares for climate change

Kiribati's low-lying atolls are very vulnerable to sea-level rise. NIWA is working to help this Pacific nation prepare and adapt.


Scion wins MAF contract

Scion has been awarded a MAF contract to measure the carbon footprint of the entire forestry industry supply chain. The year-long project will develop methodologies and tools to help the forestry industry better understand and mitigate its total environmental impact.


NZ Scientists part of Nobel Award

This year's Nobel Peace Prize goes to the IPCC and Al Gore. Many New Zealand researchers have contributed to the work of the IPCC.


Climate change pioneer honoured

Lincoln University and Landcare Research have announced that Dr Francis (Frank) Kelliher has been appointed to the newly created position of Professorial Research Fellow, Soil and Environmental Sciences, at Lincoln University.


Disappearing frosts a concern for agriculture

Frosts in most of the North Island will be virtually unknown" by the end of the century, a leading NIWA scientist says.


New Science

Gas-gobbler from hell could help save world

GNS Scientist Matthew Stott has discovered a tiny methane-eating bug from the depths of hell that is being championed as a potential means of cutting methane emissions.


New Zealand Glaciers Shrinking

New Zealand’s glaciers are shrinking and twelve of the largest glaciers in the Southern Alps are unlikely to return to their earlier lengths without extraordinary cooling of the climate.


Lucky lake a time-travel treasure trove

A long-lost lake, discovered by Landcare Research scientist Mike Marden, is expected to yield important clues as to how New Zealand landscapes have responded to climate change in the past.


It is only water, but ...

A new State-of-the-art centre, developed by GNS Science and Victoria University, will study ice for clues to climate change.


Time capsule helps predict climate change

Landcare Research geomorphologists are leading research in the Gisborne district’s Waipaoa catchment, one of two key sites in the world chosen by the international science community for studying potential climate change impacts.


East Coast time capsule helps predict climate change effects

A unique “outdoor laboratory” is the focus of increasing international interest from researchers keen to learn from the past to predict how landscapes might respond to future climate change. Landcare Research scientist Mike Marden is leading a team that is also


Scientists fear results of collapsed ice shelf

The Ross Ice Shelf, a raft of ice the size of France, could collapse quickly, triggering a dramatic rise in sea levels, GNS Science scientists warn.


Ice Age calling card found off South Island

NIWA scientists have found evidence to suggest giant icebergs, like those currently south of New Zealand, once drifted by the east coast.


Antarctic holds clues to future


NZ world leader in pastoral greenhouse gas research

CRIs AgResearch and NIWA are members of the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium which is producing world-leading research on greenhouse gases.


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