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More scientists needed to fight global warming

If New Zealand is to achieve the Government’s stated aim of becoming a carbon neutral economy, it will need many more scientists investigating ways of reducing the carbon footprint of agriculture and other economic activities in this country, says AgResearch Chief Executive Dr Andrew West.


Autumn Climate Outlook

Cooler conditions are likely during April over much of New Zealand, but conditions for autumn as a whole are likely to be about average, according to the latest predictions from the NIWA National Climate Centre.


Global warming clash builds up its own heat

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research is standing by its prediction that global warming will cause more floods of the type that devastated Northland.


Researchers explore climate change future

How will the increased greenhouse gas emissions affect our future climate?


Kiwi to head world commission

New Zealand climate scientist, Dr Jim Salinger, of the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) has been elected President of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).


Stern report highlights opportunities for NZ exporters


Year 2030: NZ forecasts for climate change, pandemics.…

What’s coming up? Over the next 20-50 years, how will New Zealand respond to pressures such as climate change, pandemics, oil shocks and changing trade barriers? Landcare Research has released potential scenarios – and possible steps we’ll need to take.


New Science

Possible dry summer poses risks

NIWA said yesterday the chances of a weak El Nino pattern this spring are 50 per cent, double the usual probability. This could pose problems for farmers without access to irrigation water.


New power source right under our feet?

A city the size of Christchurch could be powered by generating geothermal electricity from the heat in our disused oil and gas wells, reckons GNS Science. There are over 300 old wells with the heat to become significant generators. What’s more, many more old wells could be directly tapped for their geothermal riches.


Non-plastic fantastic

Our world is hugely dependant on petroleum-based plastics and other non-renewable materials. But renewable “biofibres” such as wood, flax or hemp could take over – and sooner than many think. Scion, a Crown Research Institute, wants to realise products that are made with less energy, do the job at least as well, and ultimately don’t grow the landfill.


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