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New self-locking putter hits the sweet spot



New power source right under our feet?

A city the size of Christchurch could be powered by generating geothermal electricity from the heat in our disused oil and gas wells, reckons GNS Science. There are over 300 old wells with the heat to become significant generators. What’s more, many more old wells could be directly tapped for their geothermal riches.


Non-plastic fantastic

Our world is hugely dependant on petroleum-based plastics and other non-renewable materials. But renewable “biofibres” such as wood, flax or hemp could take over – and sooner than many think. Scion, a Crown Research Institute, wants to realise products that are made with less energy, do the job at least as well, and ultimately don’t grow the landfill.


Building kiwi homes to withstand shakes

With almost 400 earthquakes large enough to be felt each year, and thousands more either too small or too deep to be felt, how can New Zealand homes and building be safe enough without incurring earth-shattering costs? New earthquake loading standards in the Building Code call on latest GNS Science knowledge to deliver strength at a realistic budget.


New Value

CRI scientists get top prize from PM

Drs Jeff Tallon and Bob Buckley of IRL have put New Zealand at the forefront of a new power technology, with global opportunity. Their research has established world-leading export businesses in high-temperature superconductor products.


Revolutionising electricity transmission

IRL scientists have created “superconductor” wires that carry up to 10 times the current of copper wires of the same size, without losing energy.


IRL’s Tallon and Buckley get PM’s plaudits

And the Prime Minister’s Science Prize goes to....


Prime Minister’s Science Prize winners announced

Two CRI scientists head first ever PM’s Science Prize list, for work of outstanding discovery delivering significant economic impact for New Zealand.


Stab-resistant wool attracts attention

AgResearch says it has several international companies interested in commercially producing its stab and flame-resistant wool fabric.


Royal recognition for IRL engineer

IRL Research Engineer Paul Harris


Power surge for Kiwi scientists

A New Zealand project that could transform the way the world's electricity is transmitted has received a multimillion-dollar boost.


Science Minister salutes super New Zealand technology

World-first super conductor technology created by Industrial Research scientists today won praise from Research, Science & Technology Minister, Dr Wayne Mapp.


Top award for AgResearch

AgResearch Textiles has won a major international award for its world first machine washable, tumble dryable wool suiting fabric.


New technology used to pick out fakes

New technology developed by AgResearch can be used to detect fake designer clothing.


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