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Million dollar hand scanner a gem of a idea

Computerised technology by Industrial Research's business unit, DeviceWorks, provides a realistic picture of a designer ring before it is made and is the key to new franchise ready to roll out this year.


Sheep processing turns to automation

It's one of the most


Small change gets smaller

Industrial Research is helping the taxpayer save $2 million every year (not exactly small change!) with the introduction of New Zealand's new coins...


Cup of tea could power an export winner

A few years back, a group of scientists were discussing a head-teaser over a cup of tea in the staff cafeteria. They jotted down their thinking on a brown paper bag. Those tea-fuelled scribbles led to Crown Research Institute IRL working on a revolutionary portable power generator. It’s ideal for civil emergencies and it could soon become another export winner for New Zealand.


Precision thinking on breast cancer screening

For 40 years, there have been no major advances in technology used to screen for breast cancer. But change could now be underway. A prototype breast radar imaging (BRI) device, developed by Industrial Research scientist Dr Ray Simpkin, is under trial. The new technology could lead to detection of tumors as small as 1mm. (INSERT LINEBREAK)


Superconductor generator could power NZ exports

A unique emergency generator, founded on local RS&T, could offer a major export opportunity for New Zealand manufacturers. Using high-temperature superconductors, the generator will power around 2500 homes – and still be transportable by plane, helicopter or truck. It’s under development in a joint venture involving Crown Research Institute, IRL.


Joint venture for HTS-110

A joint venture between HTS-110 and US company Progression Inc will provide customers with a unique high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet capability, and extend HTS-110’s leading edge technology into new markets sectors and regions from its Texas base.


NZ team works on life-saving drug

Crown Research Institute IRL and New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine Industrial Research have designed and synthesized a new class of compounds termed the "Immucillins". The drugs aim to prevent organ transplant rejection and treat auto-immune diseases. The commercialization process has now begun.


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