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Changes bring funding certainty for scientists

New Zealand tops the OECD RS&T table in one thing at least - the highest level of contestability for science funding. Now, in the interests of more stability, science organisations with a proven track-record will have the opportunity to negotiate, rather than compete, for contracts worth up to 18 per cent of FRST investment.


New Board for Foundation for Research, Science and Technology

Paul Tocker, CEO of Crop & Food Research, is one of three new members of the 9 member FRST Board. Sits alongside three professors, one senior lecturer, and four private sector leaders - including new deputy chair, and chair of HortResearch, Jim McLean.


FRST finalises new investment processes

Six research organisations will be eligible this year and possibly 10 next, as the nation's main RS&T funding agency introduces


Visionary ‘2020 Science’ strategy to help New Zealand prosper

Agriculture is still the backbone of New Zealand’s wealth – and will remain so says Crown Research Institute AgResearch. But New Zealand is no longer the world's lowest cost dairy producing country. Resources are limited and everyone else has been catching up fast. What are the opportunities – and risks? And can we extend our knowledge and technologies into non-pastoral areas?


Year 2030: NZ forecasts for climate change, pandemics.…

What’s coming up? Over the next 20-50 years, how will New Zealand respond to pressures such as climate change, pandemics, oil shocks and changing trade barriers? Landcare Research has released potential scenarios – and possible steps we’ll need to take.


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