Science New Zealand

Science New Zealand is an incorporated society funded by its members: the seven Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) and Callaghan Innovation, a Crown Agent.

Our members

CRIs are Crown-owned companies formed under the Crown Research Institutes Act 1992 and the Companies Act 1993. Their shareholders are the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Research, Science & Innovation who appoint the boards. Their boards have the same duties and responsibilities as the boards of any other company.

Each CRI is aligned with a productive sector of the economy or a grouping of natural resources. They are some of New Zealand’s most significant producers of science knowledge, products and services.

Callaghan Innovation was established under the Callaghan Innovation Act 2012 and is a Crown Agent. Its board is appointed by the Minister of Research, Science & Innovation and is subject to closer control by the Crown than are the CRI boards.

Callaghan Innovation's focus is to improve the growth and competitiveness of New Zealand's private sector businesses. It does this by supporting science and technology-based innovation and its commercialisation.

Our members undertake applied science and technology research and development. They are tasked to provide solutions to critical issues for the New Zealand economy, environment and society. They encourage ideas that deliver results, be they quality policy advice or great products and services.

Their clients include central and local government, community groups, not-for-profits and private sector businesses and industry groups in New Zealand and around the world.

Crown Research Institutes earn revenue through commissions from central and local government to resolve issues or provide advice, and from business, industry and community organisations wanting to make use of their expertise. They also receive funds through New Zealand's contestable funding regime.