Science New Zealand releases 'The Value of CRIs Today' and 'Pathways to the Future'

Science New Zealand has published two documents intended to inform and spark thinking about the science system in Aotearoa New Zealand.  While there is much to celebrate, there is no doubt Aotearoa New Zealand is yet to reach our fullest potential. 

The first document -  The Value of Crown Research Institutes in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Science System Today - examines how the CRIs have changed markedly since foundation 30 years ago and provides in-depth examples of how they are adding value today in eight focus areas critical to the nation’s wealth and well-being.  These are: emergency response, biosecurity and public health, biodiversity, water resources, climate change, energy, food and fibre sectors and manufacturing, and land use.  

The CRIs are the largest external providers of science research to business in New Zealand, lead the OECD in terms of government-owned research institutions attracting private sector R&D investment, and the largest science research and application engines in their fields in New Zealand. 

The second document -  Pathways to the Future  - proposes actions to re-focus the research, science and innovation sector on vertical integration of effort.  This envisages Government, Maori, Industry or Sectors, and Research Organisations working closely together to define objectives, and participate in solution-finding.  The objective is to drive outcomes which are useful, usable and used.

Both papers are offered to inform discussion with facts and insights. Pathways to the Future is presented as a thinkpiece or strawman.  The papers have been widely distributed across policy makers, funders and end users, as well as research practitioners and those involved in technology transfer and application in public and private sectors.