CRIs choose the most appropriate way to engage in the market and ensure their research impacts New Zealand. This can include wholly-owned subsidiaries, partnerships, or other structures.

Read more about these below:

Biopolymer Network

Research and development of high performance bio based products including biopolymers, bio-based specialty chemicals, bio-composites, bio-foams and moulded structures. 

The Biopolymer Network is jointly owned by AgResearch, Plant & Food Research and Scion. 


DEEResearch Ltd

Coordinates research and development relevant to deer farming and deer product processing (except deer velvet), and provides a mechanism to prioritise and manage the results.

DEEResearch Ltd is partly owned by AgResearch.



Develops cost-effective food-grade biopolymer technologies which extend the shelf-life of food, pharmaceutical, and agricultural products at ambient temperatures.

Encoate is partly owned by AgResearch.


Toitū Envirocare

Provides simple and effective solutions for environmental credibility by enabling businesses to accurately measure, manage, and minimise environmental impacts, backed by ISO certification.

Toitū Envirocare is wholly owned by Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research.



Evidence-based farm management software and decision support tool for pastoral farmers that accurately models the complex biological system that is a grassland model.

Farmax is partly owned by AgResearch.


B.Linc (formerly Lincoln Hub)

Collaborative innovation harnessing the power of the Naturetech ecosystem - people, ideas, knowledge, resources, insights, and experience - to create and innovate for tomorrow.

AgResearch, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and Scion are all contributors to B.Linc.



Online or standalone software that enables farmers and growers to improve nutrient use on farms, delivering better environmental outcomes and better farm profitability.

Overseer is partly owned by AgResearch.


Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium

Delivers knowledge and economically viable mitigation practices or products that will help New Zealand farmers manage greenhouse gas emissions while increasing productivity.

AgResearch and NIWA are two of the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium's eight contributing partners.



Global commercialiser of new apples and pears bred in New Zealand by Plant & Food Research to assist Australian and New Zealand growers to achieve sustainable profits from the cultivars.

Prevar is partly owned by Plant & Food Research.



Software which provides a modular framework to estimate impacts and losses for assets exposed to natural hazards, and quantify a range of economic and social consequences.

RiskScape is wholly owned by NIWA.


Southern Dairy Hub

A 349ha working dairy farm and research site to focus on comparisons between farm systems, different forages and supplementary feed, and environmental performance.

The Southern Dairy Hub is partly owned by AgResearch.



A two-stage hybrid anaerobic fermentation and hydrothermal oxidation process for waste treatment, providing sludge reduction and destruction, value recovery, and harm reduction.

Terax is partly owned by Scion.


Unidata Pty Ltd

Specialist design, manufacture, supply, and support of acquisition devices, and standalone and IP connected loggers for environmental monitoring and industrial measurement.

Unidata Pty Ltd is wholly owned by NIWA.


Velvet Antler Research New Zealand

Promotion, quality assurance, product composition and efficacy research, and other research and development, as well as market access on behalf of industry stakeholders.

Velvet Antler Research New Zealand is partly owned by AgResearch.