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Science New Zealand

Welcome to Science New Zealand. It represents the seven Crown Research Institutes: the power of 3,600 people advancing ideas and delivering results for New Zealand through excellent science and technology.

Last year, government, business, sectors and communities invested $636 million with the Crown Research Institutes.

From environment to trade, agriculture to manufacturing, in niche technologies and with leading edge science, the Crown Research Institutes identify, respond to and solve science-based challenges affecting our lives today and tomorrow.

Throughout New Zealand and across the globe, their ideas, insights and connections are shaping new thinking and practical action.

Discover their stories, the results and the possibilities. The snippets click to external sites. We try to keep links current for 90 days.

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ScienceNZ - The Value of Science Discovery

New Value

Doubling forest productivity sustainably

A multi-disciplinary team of scientists at Scion and other research organisations is embarking on a six year research programme aimed at raising the profitability of current and future commercial forestry


How onions recognise when to bulb

Onions, the third largest vegetable crop in the world, form a bulb in response to lengthening days


Natural compounds that keep the gut healthy

Research suggests that compounds in fruits and vegetables help us stay healthy by supporting the natural beneficial microorganisms in our gut


Revolutionary new sustainable fishing technology

Imagine if every fish landed on a trawler was alive, in perfect condition and small fish, sharks and other species could be safely released underwater before a catch was lifted on-board.


Summer pasture pest numbers on the rise

AgResearch scientists are predicting larger than normal numbers of the pasture pests porina and black beetle this summer.


Matching science with Maori aspirations

The conclusion of the Waitangi Treaty settlements will see approximately 40 per cent of New Zealand’s planted forests owned by Māori. This provides the opportunity for Māori to contribute significantly to the national economy through forestry.


New Thinking

Ginseng adds a layer of possibilities for forestry

Neat rows of netting cloches lined up beneath well pruned radiata pine trees are in sharp contrast to the usual vision of a commercial planted forest block.


Report finds little risk to infants

A report released by the ESR has found that exposure to PBDEs used in the upholstery of car seats as a flame retardant, is unlikely to cause adverse health effects in infants and toddlers


Molecular motors drive energy technologies

Scion may, at first glance, seem an unlikely place to house a team of theoretical physicists.


Mars to Manawatu for robotic rover project

An AgResearch team has taken some extra-terrestrial inspiration to help take the pain out of intensive pasture management.
Inspired by NASA’s Mars rover project, the team at AgResearch in Palmerston North and Lincoln have built a paddock robot they’ve named the Agri-Rover.


Building community resilience to climate change

Erosion, low incomes, poor infrastructure and population migration leave many rural communities in New Zealand vulnerable to climate related impacts, and unable to take advantage of opportunities for a better future.


Ground-breaking research through global connections

Working together with leading research organisations around the globe helps Scion’s research teams gain access to advanced scientific tools and helps foster innovative thinking. It also helps cement Scion as a world-leader in areas such as forestry management and genetics, biosecurity, bioenergy and bioproducts.


Eureka Awards

Science New Zealand again sponsored the national awards.  Three winners emerged, with the grand prize going to Evan Brenton-Rule of VUW.


AgResearch to invest $100 million in new science innovation hubs

AgResearch, New Zealand’s largest Crown Research Institute, has today announced a major investment programme that is the largest of its kind in New Zealand agricultural science.


New Science

Soil bacteria may promote tree growth and mitigate climate change

Research into how a group of growth promoting bacteria help plants cope with environmental stress may have major implications for scientists worldwide trying to piece together the full picture of global warming.


New technologies for improved forest safety

Three new forest harvesting technologies developed by Scion, in conjunction with industry, will help improve workplace safety in forestry.


Cardboard boxes given aerospace treatment

New Zealand’s export industry is heavily reliant on cardboard boxes, and understanding how boxes fail under heavy loads is crucial. Until now, scientists have only been able to observe how boxes look before and after failure.


Wood gets medical attention

Using medical scanners, scientists at Rotorua-based Crown Research Institute Scion have been able to peer inside blocks of wood.


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