Member Groups

Members share their expertise and insights and build collaboration through working together on specific issues and areas, at all levels.

Pan-members groups:

  • Share and develop best practice in their areas of operation.
  • Research and develop positions or operational recommendations for the Science New Zealand Board on matters which the Board has requested or a group has identified as important.
  • Meet with other stakeholders in the innovation system, or professionals in their interest area.

Member groups include:

  1. Science and Policy Group
  2. Marketing and Communications Managers
  3. Chief Financial Officers
  4. Human Resources Managers
  5. Librarians and Knowledge Managers
  6. Legal Advisers
  7. Information and Communication Technology Managers
  8. Māori Relationship Managers
  9. Health, Safety and Environment Managers

Each group is headed by a convenor, usually from the same CRI as the Science New Zealand Chair.