Science New Zealand on gene technologies

It is time to discuss how modern gene technologies can benefit New Zealand.

New Zealand needs to have an informed debate about how genetic technologies can meet the challenges the country faces. Regulations on its use should be updated so controls are proportional to the risks and benefits. Current regulations are 20 years old and the technology has advanced significantly since they were last amended in 2003.  
Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) have a responsibility given by Parliament to engage in this conversation. The CRI Act requires CRIs to undertake research of benefit to New Zealand and to promote technological developments. In doing so, CRIs have to be socially responsible and apply ethical principles.  CRIs are a source of information for the public about the science, terminology and issues in this area.  
CRIs, and their sector partners, also bring knowledge from their role as key drivers of innovation in New Zealand’s major export industries, high-potential new sectors and in protection of the environment. 

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